Reasons to Choose CLT Panels

Nowadays the global construction industry offers so many possibilities to enhance your working process and save some money. CLT technology is one of such great innovations.

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CLT stands for cross-laminated timber. This technology is gaining more and more popularity because it enables the production of unique durable and eco-friendly construction materials – CLT panels.

Cross-laminated timber panel is a wooden product, which is constructed of layers of solid lumber glued together. Earlier it was impossible to construct residential buildings using timber as the main material. However, with CLT panels you can forget about weak wooden constructions. CLT technology allows building constructions up to 30 floors high.

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This Ukrainian company successfully manufactures different environmentally friendly construction materials including CLT panels and EPAL pallets since 2011. Follow to find out more about offered products and find the best solution for your new project.

Main benefits of CLT panels:

  • High seismic resistance (panels can withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 7 points)
  • Good sound isolation
  • Thermal insulation (CLT panels are even thicker than plywood)
  • Lightweight material allows not waiting for the construction to shrink (panels are six times lighter than concrete blocks and three times lighter than steel panels)
  • Safety for human health (melamine or formaldehyde resins are not used for gluing the lamellas)
  • CLT panels strength indicators are several times higher than concrete blocks characteristics
  • Easy and quick manufacturing of panels does not leave a lot of waste and does not pollute the air

CLT panels have already become a global trend in the construction industry. CLT technology offers a unique combination of durability, simplicity, and eco-friendliness.

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