Five Fantastic European Capitals to Visit on Your Next Vacation

The European continent is an absolute treasure trove of vacation destinations. Its capital cities are steeped in history and culture, offering grand architecture, iconic landmarks, delicious local cuisine, gorgeous green spaces, fascinating museums, and much more to travelers. 

Choosing which of its many great locations to visit can be a bit of a challenge, though, so to help you narrow it down, here are five European capitals that should be on your travel bucket list.

1. Paris, France

Taking a romantic trip to Paris is something that almost everyone dreams of. Known as the City of Light, France’s capital is synonymous with fashion and style. It’s also a wonderfully artistic place, home to galleries, such as the Louvre, with its unrivaled collection of works (including the Mona Lisa). Paris is additionally renowned for its cuisine, from delicious cheeses to enticing pastries, making it an ideal choice for foodies. The city is a popular destination, so be sure to book your eiffel tower tickets in advance.

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2. Stockholm, Sweden

This enchanting city is spread across 14 islands, each with its unique attractions to discover. You’ll find museums dedicated to the country’s Viking heritage, breathtakingly beautiful nature reserves in easy reach of the city center, and perfectly preserved historic architecture to admire. The old town of Gamla Stan is a charming maze of cobbled streets and storybook buildings, complete with a royal palace and cathedral. Be sure to make time for Fika during your stay – the delightful Swedish custom of enjoying coffee and cake with friends.

3. Rome, Italy

The city of Rome is a captivating blend of ancient ruins, iconic art, and delicious food. It boasts monuments that require no introduction, including the stunning Trevi Fountain, spectacular St Peter’s Basilica, and the 2,000-year-old Colosseum that used to host dramatic gladiator battles. Don’t miss the vast Pantheon with its soaring domed roof, or Michelangelo’s striking frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Plus, be sure to indulge in plenty of pizza, pasta and gelato to keep you fueled for all this sightseeing.

4. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an effortlessly cool city and boasts one of the best party scenes in all of Europe. It’s big on beer culture, with some fantastic craft breweries to explore, whether that’s on a guided tour or by raising a stein in a beer garden. Of course, it’s also a location with a very tangible history, and landmarks, such as the symbolic Brandenburg Gate, imposing Holocaust Memorial, magnificent Charlottenburg Palace, and sprawling green lawns of Tiergarten are well worth a visit. 

5. Lisbon, Portugal

For those in search of warm weather and picture-perfect views, Lisbon is a fantastic choice. It’s a heady blend of old and new, where ancient architecture and cobbled streets meet lively nightclubs and cocktail bars. As a coastal city, it’s also famous for its fresh seafood. Recently, the city has become something of a hub for expats and digital nomads, so if your job allows this, then it might be an option worth considering. Be aware that Lisbon is hilly, so pack some flat shoes and enjoy the gorgeous panoramas.

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