3 Uses for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency might well be something that you’re used to hearing about at this stage, with its reputation as a fringe internet phenomenon fading away as its presence continues to grow. However, while you may well be intrigued by the prospect of investing in this digital currency, you might also be asking yourself – what can it be used for? 

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This is where the increasing prevalence of cryptocurrency comes back into play, for while it might have once been considered unfit for use by many businesses, that has changed, and now it’s something that you might see a surprising amount of support for in various forms. Knowing what these are might well change your perception of cryptocurrency and its function.


As mentioned previously, you might decide that the most prominent and valuable use that cryptocurrency has to offer you comes in the form of investment. While others might focus their investment attention on stocks and shares, you might prefer the relatively young market of cryptocurrency and the comparative lack of regulation that it enjoys. Of course, it would be wrong to assume that this means it’s a sure-fire way of making money, even though people do certainly manage to do that, and it might be best to temper your expectations if this is a route that you want to explore.

That being said, your position is also helped by having a wide array of digital currencies to choose from, each with different values alongside that – so you can customize your starting position to best suit you. Looking at the Dogecoin current price, for example, can help you to formulate your investment strategy. 

Online Casinos

If you’re someone who finds themselves enjoying visiting online casinos now and again, you might be familiar with the fact that some outlets will let you use cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies to play. This could represent an intersection of two of your interests, potentially being an avenue to explore further if you’d yet to consider this possibility, but it can also begin to paint a picture of the kinds of digital venues that might be the most appropriate place for digital currencies. Some online casinos may even gear their entire business towards these types of currencies. 

Simple Transactions

It might surprise you to learn just how many businesses are offering their regular services in exchange for cryptocurrencies instead of traditional forms of currency. While this might have once been seen as something that was entirely outside of the norm, it has gotten to the point where large brands, such as Microsoft and Lush, are allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrency. This might be interesting on its own, but if you combine that with the other potential uses for it, such as investing, you begin to have something that is multi-purpose, and, therefore, potentially far more useful and versatile than you ever would have expected. Challenging your initial preconceptions of what cryptocurrency is and how it can be useful throughout your life might prove to be beneficial to your convenience and comfort. 

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