‘Seoul Vibe’ Now Streaming on Netflix

“Hiphop” and “retro” are combined to create a “hip-tro” vibe in Seoul 1988 – another aspect of the movie to look forward to. In particular, each character comes to life in the vintage colors and retro outfits, completing the style of Seoul Vibe. The production staff utilized the colors of the Olympic flag that brings to mind the 1988 Seoul Olympics for the image of the Supreme Team, and emphasized the colors and characteristics of each character.

On top of this, aviator glasses, jeans, and other nostalgia-evoking items were used to add to the immersive experience of the time. In addition, the hiphop music, soundtrack by K-pop star Song Min-ho are sure to captivate global viewers.

From thrilling drifts to intense speed, get ready to experience the exhilarating car action!

The last thing to look for while watching the movie is the use of old cars that were seen on the streets of Seoul in 1988 in the thrilling car chase and fancy drift scenes of Sanggye-dong Supreme Team’s race in its investigation of the VIP slush fund. From the racing car of “Bbangkku fam,” the Pony pick-up truck to the red Brisa, white box-shaped Grandeur, Concord to BMW M5, the movie will fill people from that era with nostalgia and millennials with a look into the past.

The fast chase of “Bbangkku fam” will satiate viewers’ need for speed as they weave in between the alleyways of Seoul. The actors trained to race with professionals before shooting the film and practiced relentlessly to make the car-drifting action come to life. Best drifter Dong-wook, navigator whiz Bok-nam and Sanggye-dong’s own MacGyver Joon-gi come together for fantastic teamwork and car-chase action in Seoul Vibe, serving as the cherry on top.

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