How to Apply for an Online Loan with Digido Philippines

Applying for a loan online at Digido is the best opportunity to get financial help here and now when you need it most. Lack of funds for salary, utilities, travel, car maintenance? Try to submit an online application for a credit card via the Internet by filling out an electronic form to receive financial assistance within 15 minutes without rejections and tedious checks.


Any adult Filipino can apply for a loan online in the Philippines on Digido, regardless of social status, place of residence, or official employment. To apply for an Online Loan With Digido, you only need access to the Internet, a few minutes of free time, and a bank card issued in your name.

About Digido

Many people willingly use the services of financial organizations. It is not difficult to explain the reasons — money is given quickly. You will need to spend much more time in the bank, where your credit history will be carefully checked. A credit at Digido can generally be issued online, saving the borrower from having to go somewhere.

Digido is an authorized state-licensed online lender. With a completely automated web portal and cutting-edge, user-friendly financial solutions, Digido stands out from its opponents.

The lending system independently evaluates each application and promptly provides funds. With Digido, you may obtain unsecured loans up to 25,000 Philippine pesos at 0% interest. This platform adheres strictly to lending laws and regulations.

What Criteria Must Be Met to Obtain a Loan?

In addition to the one legitimate government-issued ID that Digido typically demands, it will be beneficial if you also supply payroll, COE, ITR, company ID, and DTI papers (if you are self-employed or running a business). Only previous customers of the installment loan may utilize it. If you have borrowed from Digido, you do not need to submit any claims until additional proof is necessary. Recurring borrowers could get automatic approval.

Characteristics of Digido Loans

The company only provides one online cash loan. Moreover, this loan may be applied for anything. It can be used to cover living costs and product purchases. Some people could utilize this as startup company financing. You may pay your expenses with this money as well. There are no limitations placed on this by Digido; the funds can be utilized in any way.

If a repeat client applies, the maximum total loan amount received from Digido is PHP 25,000. The maximum loan amount available to users taking out loans for the first time on this website is Php10,000. The more frequently a person requests loans, the higher their credit limit will be.

The highest and minimum borrowing terms are 6 months and three months, respectively. A maximum annual interest rate of 143% means a monthly interest rate of 11.9%. Use the loan calculator to see how much you will be required to repay when taking a cash loan from this firm.

Is Digido Legitimate?

Individuals routinely express skepticism toward payments made electronically, especially cash loans. After all, they cannot see the person they are doing business with. Because of this, some individuals question if Digido is a genuine business. Nevertheless, since Digido is trustworthy and legal, there is no need to fear. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines has Digido Finance Corporation on file as a corporation. 202003056 is the SEC registration number, and 1272 is the reference number on the certificate of authority.

How to Apply For a Loan Through the Internet at Digido?

Think that borrowing money requires spending a lot of time and effort? Try applying online for a loan at Digido and see if payday cash can really be available. Digido specialists tried to make the service as simple, functional, and convenient as possible so that everyone needing it could take a loan online: disabled people, students, and retirees.

Select the Loan Amount and Term

A Digido consumer loan can be issued as usual in a bank or according to a more convenient scheme — online on the Internet. To take out a loan online, you don’t need to go anywhere, wait a long time for approvals, or prepare a significant package of documents. You just need to send a request online, fill out the Digido form and wait for a decision on the application.

Before applying for a loan online for Digido loan via the Internet, we advise you to decide on the terms of lending. To do this, use the online calculator, which will show the amount to be returned immediately after entering the data, taking into account the accrued interest.

Fill Out the Loan Application

The online application for a cash loan at Digido is filled out directly on the website. You need to enter personal data:

  • Name and date of birth.
  • ID card data.
  • Phone number.
  • General information about employment and the purpose of obtaining funds.

Applying for a loan quickly online does not require personal contact.

Why People Choose Digido Services

The demand for Digido services is explained by a large number of their advantages, including:

  • Money can be withdrawn on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, while banks are usually only open on weekdays until 6pm.
  • Loan applications are considered around the clock.
  • It does not require a large number of documents.
  • Applications are considered quickly, up to 10 minutes on average.
  • The approval rate reaches 90%, and anyone has a good chance of getting a loan.
  • Income, credit rating, and the presence of official employment do not matter much.
  • Digido offers more favorable terms and discount promo codes for customers.
  • There is an extension of the duration of the contract. The client can always extend the period of using the money.

Digido lends money when it is urgently needed, and there are no other options to get it.

How to Securely Apply For a Loan Online

Some tips for consumers are how not to become victims of fraudsters and not to accidentally get indebted to a financial institution:

  • Do not give originals, copies, or photos of your documents to third parties.
  • Keep the documents in a safe place. Children’s access to the Internet and sometimes children’s curiosity can lead to the fact that family members can accidentally get a loan by filling out the appropriate form without your knowledge.
  • If someone wants to access your personal data, that person needs to specify the purpose for processing your personal data.

The purpose of personal processing data must be formulated in regulations, other normative legal acts, provisions, constituent, or other documents that regulate the activities of the owner of personal data and comply with the legislation on personal data protection. Personal data is processed openly and transparently using means and in a manner that corresponds to the defined purposes of such processing.


Digido is one of the most popular platforms that produce quick loans. Among the advantages is the speed of service. You only need to wait a few minutes to receive the money. Conveniently, a person who has repaid a loan can immediately get a new one. However, it is essential to repay the debts on time, as the interest rate will start to rise quickly. If you deliberately evade payment obligations, information about the debt will be transferred to the relevant authorities, which will negatively affect your attempts to obtain credit in the future.

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