Karl Bautista Becomes the Searcher in BL Dating Game Show ‘Hello Searcher’

Karl Bautista, who is known on Tiktok as an athlete, artist and architect, tries his luck in dating as he was announced as the ‘searcher’ of the country’s first boys love dating game show, “Hello Searcher ” produced by Blacksheep.
According to him, he was shocked to be chosen as the searcher for the game show as he rarely gets a shot in his past auditions. “Honestly, hindi ko inexpect. Hindi naman ako artista pa talaga pero I sent auditions here and there. I rarely get a callback. Sabi ko na lang, ‘I will try to audition because Mela (Habijan) is a good friend.’ Now that I’m here, iba na pala ang feeling pero exciting,” he shared.
Blacksheep Creative Head Kookie Labayen and Blacksheep Creative Supervisor Daniel  Saniana revealed that they saw a certain charm in Karl that made them choose him among the other people they interviewed.
“We started with go-sees so we met Karl through Zoom. Pero when we talked to him parang may certain charm talaga na yung hinahanap namin sa isang searcher,” Daniel stated.
Kookie, on the other hand, found Karl’s personality as his edge over the other auditionees.
“Hindi ko ma-explain pero sobrang akong na-charm. Hindi siya nagta-try too hard. He is just being himself as in siguro may nakita ako kay Karl. Noong ipinakikilala niya yung sarili niya, he said he is adventurous. Parang ako, “This guy is interesting na makita kung paano niya ite-take tong adventure na ito. Kasi di ba kahit marami ng nasubukan na adventures ni Karl, yung dating iba naman,” she said.
Joining Karl in the game show is the first Miss Trans Global, Mela Habijan, who will serve as the ‘Mother Sparker’ or host in the said game show.
In “Hello Searcher,” six lucky searchees will go through exciting virtual challenges and games until one searchee remains.
Karl also said that he has no expectations of the six searchees he will meet on the show.
“I feel like everybody is interesting in their own way. Even if people say you are weird, I think that makes you interesting. Kahit papaano iba naman ang gusto mo sa buhay. I think if you have a passion, it will interest the spark in me, kasi I’m very curious about a lot of things. If they can keep up with the conversation and make me more interested in their lives. Humor is always a plus for the spark,” he voiced.
He added that through this show he will get to know more about himself and get to know other people from different walks of life.
Viewers can be part of the first boy-love dating game show through the Sparks Call, an audition for the show’s searchees. The online audition is open to all male Filipinos living in the Philippines or abroad but willing to travel in the country, 21 years old and above, and must be able to understand Filipino. To audition, fill out the online form and send their audition videos through
Join the first BL dating show in the country and you might be one of the searchees who will ignite the spark in Karl.

Join Karl and the six searchees in “Hello, Searcher,” part of the Made For YouTube shows soon on Black Sheep’s YouTube Channel.

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