Top Facts about Marvel Star Karen Gillan

Movie fans worldwide know  Gillan for her roles in renowned titles, where she starred as Amy Pond, Martha, Nebula, etc. In addition to playing lead roles in several movies, Gillan has also worked in TV shows and films. 

The talented Hollywood star doesn’t hesitate to work in music videos, video games, audiobooks, or stage shows. For that reason, many staunch fans claim Gillan is a holistic entertainer. 

Gillan enjoys stepping away from the limelight, especially when working with different charitable causes around the world. You might not know this, but the Guardians Of The Galaxy star is a world-celebrated philanthropist. 

Here are must-known facts about Amy Pond, Martha, Nebula, and…

2013: Gillan Makes Her Broadway Debut

Remember reading something about Karen Gillan not shying away from stage shows? In 2013, the actress made a bold leap from the big screen to the stage. The Hollywood star was already a global sensation for her roles in the small and big screens. However, her performance in Time To Act–one of the few shows to be featured on The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway series–introduced her to the world of stage acting. 

Every actor interested in participating in The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway show was to learn a designated play in 24 hours, and perform it. The Marvel star chose James McAvoy (a fellow countryman) to be her stage partner. Unfortunately, details of the play are scarce. However, Gillan revealed in an interview that Time To Act (her debut Broadway play) involved McAvoy stealing the actress’ hair. It is best to remember that the Marvel star was bald during this time as a result of her recent involvement in a Guardians Of The Galaxy project. 

Gillan is A Martial Arts Badass

Doctor Who fans know that Guillian wasn’t as popular back then as she is today. But gone are the days when she was a sidekick. Now, she can kick ass. 

Believe it or not, Guillian is a fierce ginga ninja in one of her latest roles, where she stars alongside Dwayne Johnson. Moreover, the Marvel star has mastered the nunchucks (Bruce Lee movie fans must know about them). You might not know this, but the nunchucks is a dangerous martial arts weapon, and Guillian will be using them on Jumanji, as she plays Martha. 

Gillan Always Knew She Will Make It As A Movie Star

Many kids have big dreams, and Gillan sure did have a big dream. Her father once revealed in an interview that Gillan would point at the television, and announce that she’ll one day be on it. So, her father wasn’t surprised when Gillan left school at sixteen to pursue acting. Her effort and dedication saw her secure a spot at the world-renowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. 

Many people find this shocking, but Gillan worked at a pub to make ends meet while also working as a part-time model. It is also important to note that her first modeling job was at Dainty Doll–a Nicola Roberts-owned makeup brand. 

The Marvel Star’s Hair Is Among Star Wars’ Most Coveted Donations

As earlier highlighted, Gillan was bald while working on a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. It is true the Hollywood sensation shaved her hair while starring as Nebula in the 2014-Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. 

During an interview to promote her new movie, 2013’s Oculus, Gillan said she donated her vibrant red hair to the Star Wars crew. For that reason, movie fans should be on the lookout for the Marvel star’s hair in Disney productions or Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Gillan Is An Outspoken Feminist

Many people are surprised when Gillan admits she is an outspoken feminist. Gillan believes that women in Hollywood can shutter the proverbial glass ceiling. During an interview with The Mirror, the Marvel star revealed that many people were asking whether a woman could play a leading role in Doctor Who. According to Gillan, these sentiments were ridiculous, especially since she had landed the role. 

Gillan Is A Big Fan Of Everything Vintage 

Maybe an old soul. Maybe not. Gillan loves everything vintage, something she believes she has got from her father. Growing up, Gillan would accompany her dad on his never-ending trips to stores selling vintage vinyl records. These trips were not worthless, as Gillan later developed an appreciation of music from iconic artists like Elvis, Nina Simone, and more.

In addition to having great taste in vintage music, Gillan also loves vintage fashion outfits, which, like her dad, she shops for over the weekend. 

Gillan Is An Only Child

Born in 1987, Gillan is the only child of John and Maire Gillan. The Marvel star was born into a Scottish family, and it is worth mentioning that she is proud of her Scottish roots and heritage.

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