Using the Benefits of Instagram Highlights with VistaCreate

Whatever aim you have while using Instagram, if you want to make your figures performant, you have to pay attention to how to use the opportunities of a page. Instagram highlights are one of the most powerful tools to make a business page look much better, and applying Instagram highlight cover templates helps facilitate it a lot.

What are the highlights, and why do you need them?

Instagram highlights are those stories that you use as pinned ones. They do not disappear after a limited period, and you can refresh the information in them without loss. People use them for various purposes, but most often, they are the source of some information to refer to as you can easily find them. 

To be more specific about the purposes, Instagram highlights are helpful for:

  • Structuring the information. When deciding if you want to order something in a shop, you clarify the work hours, terms of order and delivery, return and exchange conditions, etc. Page owners place this info in the actuals to make it more comfortable for the customers.
  • Presenting the assortment. As you can post many stories in one highlights category, you can fill one with your product assortment or service variety. It is also much more comfortable than scrolling the whole page looking for something convenient. 
  • Engaging the audience in interaction. Questionnaires, various backstage videos, and other similar content involve people to learn more about your brand. At the same time, it allows you to understand the preferences and opinions of your potential clientele.

One of the most useful functions is creating several categories of highlights, where you can combine all the abovementioned with no loss in efficiency. 

Tips for creating well-organized highlights

To make them better, consider the following tips to help you:

  • distinguish the info you post to one category or another;
  • watch posting only high-quality imagery;
  • design the pictures if necessary according to the purposes of categories;
  • use convenient covers to help people navigate better on your page.

The other specificities depend on your service’s peculiarities. 

Making covers with VistaCreate

VistaCreate – is an easy and understandable free editor for visual content. Except for the possibility of creating content from scratch, VistaCreate offers rich libraries of templates and patterns for various social media. So to create new highlight covers or refresh the old ones, you don’t need to learn Photoshop. You just need to:

  1. Follow the link above.
  2. Log in.
  3. Choose the template or create a cover from the blank sheet.
  4. Change or add necessary objects.
  5. Save your final result to your PC or post it directly to the platform. 

As you can see, the process causes no trouble and is free. So spending the minimum time and resources, you get the maximum outcome. 

Using Instagram highlights is a beneficial strategy for those who care about their Instagram page performance. Finally, it simplifies many issues and helps to deal with them before they appear. Using VistaCreate, you minimize those problems to zero and make it possible to have pleasure spending your time with a profit.

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