Secret to Long Life of Three Centenarians Bared

How does one reach the age of 100? 

This is what viewers will discover from three centenarians who hail from Negros Occidental in Noli de Castro’s “KBYN: Kaagapay ng Bayan” this Sunday (June 12) on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and Kapamilya Online Live.  

Get to know and be amazed by 102-year old Ramonieta ‘Lola Monet’ Rico, who still has a sharp memory and loves to eat pork fat. Meanwhile, 102-year old Magdalina Susano Ortega and 104-year old Juan Esmeralda are proud to flex that they don’t have maintenance medicines at their old age.   

All three centenarians have rich stories to share as well. Two of them found love twice in their lifetime, while one was able to provide for the three children of his wife as a former caretaker in the province.  

Viewers of “KBYN,” which is also available online on and ABS-CBN News YouTube channel, will also catch Kabayan’s visit in a Bulacan farm that is home to gigantic turtles and unique reptiles. The farm owner is entrepreneur Jaime Lim who always had a penchant for exotic animals since he was young. 

Meanwhile, the advocacy of The European Hair Factory to make wigs from human hair for cancer patients via the Hair Hope Project, will touch hearts. Viewers will be introduced to colon cancer survivor Geronimo Pablo Jr. who has dedicated his life to donating his hair to the project annually. There’s also the story of baby Sophia Cunanan who finds renewed joy in wearing wigs after losing her hair due to chemotherapy. 

Feel happy and inspired by these stories on “KBYN: Kaagapay ng Bayan,” every Sunday, 5 pm before “TV Patrol Weekend” on  Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live on YouTube and Facebook,, YouTube ng ABS-CBN News, and A2Z. 

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