What it’s like being a Shopee intern, according to Shopee interns

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, so does the need for tech talent that can help support the industry’s growth. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, recognizes this need and aims to help develop young professionals to produce future industry leaders through its internship program.

Shopee’s internship program is a 3 to 5 month program that introduces eligible undergraduates to the e-commerce industry and immerses them into the fast-paced sector. Shopee interns are provided with opportunities to get firsthand experience working on nation-wide projects and campaigns, as they collaborate with their teammates and supervisors. Shopee also provides resources and training for interns to grow and learn during this period. This includes weekly Learning & Organizational Development classes, opportunities to shadow their supervisors, and integration in employee engagement events.

Karen Perez, Shopee Philippines Head of People, said “Shopee will continue to cultivate talent with its vibrant and collaborative working environment. Life at Shopee is about making sure that everyone has the best opportunities presented to them, and that they learn and upskill themselves with real-world training.”

Three Shopee interns shared what being an intern for Shopee is like.

A unique internship program

Alli, an intern under Shopee’s marketing team, shared that one of the defining characteristics of a Shopee internship is how interns are given the opportunity to directly contribute to the content produced by the team. “At Shopee, we’re trusted as if we are full time employees. My supervisors give me opportunities to take on big tasks. It truly is a unique experience in that we are given hands-on work where you’re really involved in the entire process—from brainstorming to the actual execution of the projects. You get to pitch your own ideas, make decisions, and maximize your own potential.”

A welcoming and collaborative culture

Mika, an intern working with the People team, really liked the culture at Shopee, where she and her fellow interns felt like they were part of the Shopee Family. “Even when I was still a new intern, I already felt as if I had been here for quite some time. It’s very easy to get along with everyone here, and to get my message across even during meetings, especially because Shopee’s team guides you every step of the way. Even if we’re just interns, we’re also empowered to speak our minds and contribute ideas.”

An engaging learning experience

Meanwhile Jewel, an intern for Shopee’s Marketing team, said that he was able to hone his skills through the opportunities Shopee provides. “I’m always given the chance to learn through the tasks that I’m given, and I’m able to do my best and overcome any challenges thanks to the guidance of my team. I’ve picked up new skills here—for example, I’m able to write better and manage my time well. My supervisors ensure I have all the tools and resources I need to do my best. They’ll teach you everything you need to know, and even then there’s still so much to learn from Shopee.”

Alli, Mika, and Jewel believe that talents who are interested in joining Shopee’s internship program can expect both personal and professional growth. “Being part of Shopee really allows you to believe in yourself and your capabilities, as you continuously grow and learn” Mika echoed.

For young Filipinos who are open to learning and want to develop their potential, working for Shopee might just be the key step to launching your career. Applications for Shopee’s 2022 Internship Program are currently open, and undergraduate students are welcome to apply here:

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