KD Estrada Gets Spotlight in Digital Video Magazine ‘Flex’

Rising star KD Estrada said people could expect a more mature version of himself in the digital video magazine “Flex” published by Star Magic.

“You will see a more mature KD here. I used to be built up ‘Boy Next Door’ or the cute teenager,” shared KD. “Now, I am ready to level-up. It doesn’t mean I will take on more mature roles, but for sure, I will step up my game.”

He also wanted to break the stereotypes of people on how they should behave like what he recalled during his early childhood years.

“I remember when I was a child that men were not allowed to cry. We were taught that crying is not a masculine trait. We can’t show our feelings. You must be ‘maangas’ and dominant. I don’t think that should be the case today,” he shared.

The former “PBB Kumunity” housemate has also shared his definition of modern masculinity and how he wants men to embrace and love themselves.

“The new masculinity is all about embracing yourself as a man regardless of your identity. You could be gay, straight, feminine, or masculine. You can be anything you want as long as you don’t harm anyone. You should embrace yourself and love yourself no matter who you are,” he said.

Joining KD in “Flex” are former “PBB” housemates Andrei King, Laziz Rustamov, and Aleck Iñigo, former Bidaman contestant Wize Estabillo, and Star Magic artist Anthony Barion. The five Flex Campaigners will battle it out in Kumu, Facebook, and KTX for two weeks. Only the Top 4 with the most combined votes will advance to the final week and compete for a solo layout.

“‘Flex’ is a digital video magazine that aims to end toxic masculinity and promotes a new idea called modern masculinity.

Support these five men in their solo campaigns starting May 16 (Monday). “Flex” will be streamed on Star Magic’s YouTube account soon.

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