4 Useful Hacks to Enjoy the Ultimate Crypto Vacation

The tourism industry took a significant hit due to the events of the global pandemic that began in 2019. As the threat of COVID-19 recedes, the tourism industry attempts to pick up where it left off. Before the downturn, however, an interesting new form of tourism had begun to emerge. As far back as 2017, certain Blockchain companies were trying their hand at crypto-tourism.

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For Blockchain companies like Coinsbank, organizing a cruise that could be paid for in cryptocurrency was an opportunity for the firm to educate their investors about their strides in technology and perhaps even attract a few new investors. By organizing such events, these companies revealed that people with the foresight and opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies had the unique choice to pay for their vacations in cryptocurrencies. 

A new facet of the liquidity of cryptocurrencies had revealed itself and cryptocurrency aficionados had stumbled upon a new way to see the world. There were the crypto-tours that Blockchain companies often organized, often to promote their ICOs, and then there was the simple art of travel, facilitated by crypto. It gave crypto-enthusiasts another excuse to buy cryptocurrency.

But how does one begin their proverbial crypto journey around the world? Well, this article is going to walk you through the first steps of your next crypto-adventure.

Choose a Crypto-Friendly Destination

Cryptocurrencies currently stand in a decentralized position; they are outside the control of national governments. It leads to interesting loopholes where one can convert cryptocurrency from fiat and bypass government taxes altogether when paying for a trip anywhere.

However, some countries are more open to accepting cryptocurrencies as payment than others. Thailand, for example, opened its doors to crypto-tourism in the aftermath of the pandemic in an attempt to rejuvenate a badly affected industry. The venture paid off, and Thailand has experienced a rush in tourism since they inaugurated the policy.

New Zealand, El Salvador, and the Bahamas (notorious for the Sand-Dollar) are all countries that have actively encouraged crypto-tourism. By rule of thumb, any nation that has a significant investment in cryptocurrencies will welcome crypto enthusiasts to their shores.

Find Travel Portals that Accept Crypto

Once you’ve chosen a suitable location that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment for flight and hotel bookings, the next step is to find travel portals that accept payments in cryptocurrency. In 2017, this might have been quite a slog, but these days, more and more travel facilitators are opening up to accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

These payments are, once again, largely exempt from regular fees charged on fiat currencies, so next time you want to pay for a flight, you might just want to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card before you embark on that Google search.

Be Prepared for Contingencies

Now, we might make it seem like you could fund your entire globetrotting adventure based solely on cryptocurrencies, but we’re only talking about the big picture here. The real thrill of transforming yourself into a stranger in a strange land is to stray from the beaten path and experience the small wonders of the world as and when they offer themselves up to you. 

The enchanting musician by the road may not accept payments in crypto, and neither would the old woman with the twinkle in her eye selling delicious dumplings down the lane. So carrying a bit of local fiat currency at all times is advisable.

Secondly, be wary of online portals that offer ridiculous deals on seemingly magical tours; they might just be attempting to steal your data and siphon off some of your last cryptocurrency purchases. 

Use Suitable Precautions

In order to keep from getting duped by a phony online portal, it is best to do some rigorous research into the vendors you are investing your hard-mined Coins into. Always check the security risk of the HTTPS links you visit and do not give out any sensitive information unless you trust the website you’re on.

Next, despite the fact that the reportage on COVID-19 has slowed down in recent months, we are still living in the times of a global pandemic. Therefore, it is important to take proper measures to keep yourself safe when traveling abroad. Make sure you are up-to-date with your vaccines and read the COVID protocols of the countries you are visiting very carefully.


From its roots in educating people about cryptocurrencies in a fun, informal atmosphere, crypto-tourism has gained a life of its own in allowing people to access worldwide travel. Of course, hardcore crypto-enthusiasts still have the option of taking tours that are focused as much on education as it is on the adventures, but if you’re simply seized with wanderlust, and are sitting on a small cache of Coins, you could choose to use cryptocurrency to fund your next adventure.

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