‘Sustainable Living’ Hosted by Marc Nelson Premieres April 23

Metro Channel encourages Filipinos to lead inspiring and proactive lifestyles that champion environmental causes via its new show “Sustainable Living” and fresh episodes of “Beached,” “Casa Daza,” and “Metro Home” this April.

Launched in support of a cleaner and greener future, the Metro sustainable series advocates to present alternative and mindful choices for the benefit of oneself and our planet, promote new and sustainable travel goals, deep-dive into the sustainable food movement, and shed light on smart and green designs for a sustainable home.

In “Sustainable Living,” host Marc Nelson will guide viewers on the fun products, eco-tourist spots, and innovative solutions that are all earth-friendly choices and will inspire simple lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on saving the environment.

Marc also led a special episode of travel show “Beached” with co-host Christi McGarry last April 2 where they toured Bohol to highlight how the province has made its tourism industry more sustainable by making travel more accessible, doable, and integrated within the community. “Beached” is set to air two more episodes this month which will focus on Marc and Christi’s other adventures in Bohol.

Food show “Casa Daza” also takes part in the Metro sustainable series by zooming in on Farmer’s Table Tagaytay’s admirable farm-to-table food advocacy where Chef Sandy Daza finds inspiration from its fresh and sustainably-grown cauliflower, broccoli, and kale.

Meanwhile, in home and living show “Metro Home,” Anton Barretto and Jess Kienle Maxwel will visit a distinct house that aims to influence other homeowners and builders to consider incorporating eco-friendly features in their design. Viewers can also learn about smart landscaping and the utilization of sustainable materials for homebuilding in the episode.

Catch the #MetroxSustainability episodes of “Casa Daza” and “Metro Home” and the premiere of “Sustainable Living” on Metro Channel this April 9, 16, and 23 respectively, as well as the new episodes of “Beached: Bohol” airing at 7:30 PM on April 9 and 16. Learn of the ways on how to #SaveOurPlanetNow by visiting Metro Channel is available on SKYcable channel 52 (SD) and channel 174 (HD), Cignal channel 69, and GSAT channel 70.

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