Smell Like a Man’s Man with the New Old Spice Body Wash and Bar Soap

Showers are not just about being clean anymore. For the modern man, it’s about giving yourself that quick power-up to jump start your day, being in that loading zone before the game starts, and listening to the beat building up before the bass drops. But for the man who wants to do the Greatest Of All Things (G.O.A.T.), the real man’s man, a single shower can only last as long.

With the NEW Old Spice Body Wash and Bar Soap, you can start your day smelling good with a smell that never dies—no matter how many times you need to respawn.

What Do Real Men Smell Like?

Not all men are created equal, but we did create irresistible and long-lasting scents for each. 

We have the Wolfthorn who is eager to let the world know who the alpha is, complemented by the smell of mandarin orange and the hunt. 

There is the Captain who likes taking charge and commands control every step of the way, described well by the scent of the open ocean and fresh sandalwood. 

Then, the Magnate who just exudes confidence in all angles – accentuated by the aroma of cedarwood and lime.

They say manners maketh man but for Old Spice, it is the smell that defines masculinity. Owning the type of man that you are not only pushes you further, fresher for longer, and having #TheSmellThatNeverDies makes you the manliest of men.

Ready to smell like a real man’s man from shower to everywhere you go? Pause that game or TV series now and visit us at the P&G Official Store in Shopee or Lazada and get yourself the new Old Spice Body Wash and Bar Soap today!

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