How An Artist Can Increase Monthly Spotify Listeners

CDs are becoming outdated as people can now find their favorite artist’s releases online. Spotify is one of the well-known ways to find new music. It is a large platform with almost 400 million users each month. Spotify is an ideal means for fans to express their love for music. Gradually, it is overtaking radio.
Are you an upcoming artist who wants to increase follower base? Or are you considering displaying your fantastic taste in music? Here are some ideas to help you grow your Spotify’s monthly listeners.

Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

  • Create your public playlist

Building up your playlists is the easiest way to gain followers. Maintain an active profile. Manage the playlists you created around your new releases. It will allow you to trade your tracks with other curators. It is a great advantage of building your playlist. Many public playlists are available online. You can look through them.
You can build playlists based on themes and moods but do not go overboard. Your profile should include your creations and music from other artists. Including other artists’ content in your profile helps you stay authentic when revealing yourself to a larger audience.

  • Leverage on social media

Social media is an ideal place to start spreading awareness about your Spotify profile. Today, almost everyone uses social media. Share your Spotify link on different social media platforms. It will give massive exposure to your Spotify profile. Many people who will visit your page are likely to click the follow button.
If you have a website, use it to get more streams. Add QR codes or follow buttons to your site. Other promotional tools are also available online. You can use them to share your page link and gain more followers.

  • Share your Spotify page link

Don’t be shy about being on Spotify if you want to gain exposure. You can take advantage of every opportunity to inform people of your Spotify page and share its link. The awareness you spread will help you get more streams of your tracks.

  • Support other artists

A lot of people are also seeking to increase their follower base. If you support other artists trying to gain recognition, you are not only assisting the community. Your action will also benefit you. It can result in potential collaborations. Besides, these artists are likely to return the favor. They will support you and your career journey. As a result, you will gain more recognition.

You can also support famous artists. Follow the pages of artists whose music you find inspiring or love. It will give your target audience more insights into what to expect from your content and pique their interest.

  • Networking

Reach out to people that will help you gain more exposure. Besides artists and fans, record labels are also on Spotify. Send a full-proof sample of your project to them. It may get them interested in signing your next track or starting a relationship with you. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a prompt response from a record label.

The music industry is competitive, and it may take some time to get feedback. Also, you can reach out to curator playlists on Spotify. It can often result in breakthroughs for your tracks.

In addition, excellent music content may not be enough to get you recognized. Identify your works with a certain sense of style. It could be a brand image, music videos, or polished professional photos. Also, official verification as an artist should be your first step on Spotify.

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