Jose Carlito Band Returns with Anti-Love Song Single ‘At Kahit’

OPM band Jose Carlito is back with its fresh single “At Kahit,” released under ABS-CBN’s DNA Music label and now available to stream on various digital music platforms.

Unique from their previous tunes, “At Kahit” is a mix of alternative rock and power ballad that is dubbed as an ‘anti-love song.’ It speaks of undying and unconditional love through its lyrics that bare the downsides of being in a romantic relationship.

“’At Kahit’ highlights love as more than just a feeling and a constant choice to be with your partner despite life’s ups and downs,” the band explained.

Jose Carlito is a four-piece alternative rock band composed of Jc Ford, Katsumi Kabe, Aj Ascona, and JZ Lorenzo. As one of the pioneer bands under DNA Music, the group offers music that brings a contemporary twist to ‘90s alternative rock and ‘70s blues influences.

The band previously dropped its singles “Blangkong Imahe,” “Big White Wall,” and “My Generation.” To know more about Jose Carlito, follow @josecarlitoPH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Choose to be with your loved one always and listen to Jose Carlito’s “At Kahit” on Spotify, Apple Music, and various digital music platforms. For more details, follow DNA Music on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@dnamusicph).

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