Shanti Dope Collabs with Pricetagg, Mhot, Hero, DAARTH, and HELLMERRY in New EP ‘Basic’

Rap Phenom Shanti Dope is ready to shatter the airwaves with the release of his brand-new EP called ‘Basic’ under Universal Records.

The fantastic release is easily one of the most thrilling hip-hop EP releases of 2022 and features epic appearances from Pricetagg, Mhot, Hero, DAARTH, and HELLMERRY. Its swag and angst aren’t pretentious and do not even feel forced. Truth be told, this big EP drop just proved that his rap game is unstoppable and he’s determined and confident to experiment to broaden his artistry.

These five tracks are brimming with fresh vibes, flows, and lyrical aptitude. ‘Basic’ easily reintroduces Shanti Dope and his evolution as a rapper, of course, with the help of DJ Klumcee as his producer. Even though he’s already proven so much in the game, Shanti Dope said that he still feels like he’s still getting started and it’s a solid reason why he chose to name this EP as simple as Basic.

Packed with subtle punchlines, references, and extended metaphors, the young rapper’s approach to creatively express his thoughts just reached a new level of remarkable.

Shanti Dope’s latest EP drop is destined to be your next go-to rap record. Just “Young God” things, you know.

Just this week, the newly released official music video of “Amen” featuring Pricetagg reached 1 million views on YouTube.

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