How to Make Your Own Jun Scoby

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If you love jun tea and want to make it at home you’ll find that the process is quite simple. You’ll need to start with a scoby you have required from a friend or purchased online. From that point on, however, you’ll be able to create baby scobys that will grow up to be large enough to be added to your jun scoby hotel. Once you have a large scoby to work with it will become your new scoby mother that can grow additional baby scobys.

Grow Your Own Jun Scobys from Scratch

It is possible to make your own jun scoby from scratch but you’ll need some jun tea to start with. This starter liquid is vital since it provides the microbial culture you need to create the baby scoby. You can purchase a batch of jun tea online to start creating the scoby. However, it’s important not to, that it is much easier to just purchase a jun scoby online than starting your own baby one. Since you are going to have to order either pre-prepared jun tea or a scoby anyway to get started, we recommend purchasing a scoby right at the start.

It usually takes anywhere from 3 up to 6 days to brew jun tea but if you’re trying to grow a scoby from scratch it will take a little longer. When you prepare your first brew, it will usually take approximately 8 up to 12 days to grow the young scoby.

The amount of green tea that you’ll need to add will depend on how much jun tea you ordered online. However, it’s recommended that you use 3 cups of green tea that has been freshly brewed per cup of starter tea.

You’ll start to see signs of the young scoby appearing on Day 10. Finally, you’ll see something floating at the top and you’ll know that your efforts have been successful. On the 12th day you’ll need to transfer the baby scoby over to a larger container so that you can begin brewing more tea. Use the first batch of tea containing the baby scoby as your starter liquid and add more freshly-brewed green tet. This is the best growing environment for the scoby since it is being provided with all of the necessary nutrients it needs to fully mature.

You’ll notice that the scoby is growing during the second batch and that it takes less time to ferment the brew. Once the scoby has significantly grown you can either move it to a scoby hotel or use it to make continuous brews.

Where to Find Jun Scobys

It’s easier to track down kombucha scobys than find jun scobys. If you want to make your own jun kombucha tea, your best option is to order a scoby online. Choose the culture to get the best result. After that, you’ll be able to create your own scobys and can start to build up quite a collection.

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