How To Detox of a Toxic Relationship

Do you find yourself avoiding issues to keep your partner calm? Do you fear addressing a certain issue will trigger a depressive spell? Or perhaps, infuriate them beyond your capacity to handle them?

Do you find your health slipping away? Your mental stability almost always on the edge? Do you find your relations slowly slipping out of sight? Perhaps, you haven’t spoken to your dearest friends in a very long while, and your heart doesn’t even budge for them now? And that’s because you know you’ve to let them go to keep your partner happy?

Well, if these questions ring a bell, we sincerely recommend you reconsider your relationship. You’re a part of a very toxic relationship. And as much as it breaks your heart – let us tell you, they are not changing.

Until, of course, you do. If you change yourself, your reflex response to things – if you set yourself to detoxifying yourself from toxic relationship patterns, you might save yourself and your partner as well.

Below are a few ways you can do that:

Take a Break

When you and your partner exchanged your engagement rings, you vowed you won’t leave each other’s back even for a second. That’s true.

You shopped together to get that specific kind of engagement ring that expressed your lifelong commitment. You brought your vows to physical existence. And so we know, it may feel a bit heavy and wrong when we say: take a break.

Step away from your partner. Live all by yourself for a short while.

Why though?

Well, spending some time all by yourself in solitude gives you some time to reconnect with your inner self. It reminds you about who you are and helps you realize the parts of you that have become messed up.

Work on yourself, fix those pieces. And set your priorities straight.

Reconnect with your purpose in life. You may even use this alone time to reflect on your role in the relationship.

Spend Time with Family & Friends

Another way to detoxify from a toxic relationship is to reconnect with pure and healthy relations. If you’ve been away from your friends and family, get back to them right now!

Plan a meet-up or a get-together. Surprise them.

Most of these relations do not demand constant attention or effort from your end. Despite that, they leave you fulfilled.

So, you should spend the due amount of time with your family and friends. Let your mind embrace and absorb the endless affection that comes from them. Your toxic relationship may have left your mind and spirit in shackles. And you very much need the wholesomeness that comes from them.

Practice Self Love

Toxic relationships often leave you hollow inside. You feel too low about yourself. And it’s not always necessarily direct and visible.

If your partner indirectly makes you feel, they’re doing a favor to you sticking around in the relationship. Or, if they constantly boast about themselves and criticize you and your life choices in a demotivating and humiliating way, you might have lost your confidence completely. You might find yourself doubting now and then. You might not be willing to make further progress in life, unsure of your capabilities.

If you feel so, then snap out and consciously appreciate yourself about who you are and what you do. You ought to keep improving, that’s true. But simultaneously, you ought to celebrate your small wins.

Focus on Your Physical Health

Toxic relationships take a toll on mental and physical health

You might find yourself constantly stressed out or going down with fevers. You may become prone to more and more diseases and infections.

So, actively prioritize your physical health. Meditate, consume a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and develop a healthy routine.

Find the PERFECT Partner! 

Finding the perfect and healthy relationship after a toxic relationship is not easy.  Take your time in getting to know someone who has caught your eye. Brainstorm and note all the red flags and green flags. While you navigate this process, go easy on yourself, be yourself, and stay patient and self-compassionate. 

When you find the perfect one who loves you, respects you, and treats you well, it’s time for you to get engaged and exchange the engagement rings. Remember, love is commitment, keep the difference in mind and make wise choices. 

Final Thoughts

Well, we truly hope adopting these measures helps you detoxify yourself from a toxic relationship. We hope it helps you and your partner.

But remember, don’t get your hopes too high. If adopting these doesn’t change your partner or relationship, it’s time you accept that your significant other is genuinely toxic. They’re fond of toxicity, and there’s nothing you can do about it. They will have to learn their share of life lessons all by themselves.

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