TrabaHanap Gives Love and Jobs to Filipinos this Christmas

TrabaHanap aims to help job-hunting Filipinos find work ahead of Christmas through another virtual career fair this Saturday (December 4) with “TrabaHanap Live” host KaladKaren.

The online event, titled “Give Love, Give Jobs this Christmas,” will stream live on the TrabaHanap Facebook page at 4 pm, and will feature multiple employer guests, numerous job vacancies from different industries, including those for urgent hiring.

There will also be on-the-spot screening where jobseekers will just click on a link from a company to book an online interview with an HR/recruitment officer.

KaladKaren, who just arrived in the country from the United Kingdom, shared how she relishes the opportunity to be a part of a show that helps fellow Filipinos improve their lives.

“It gives me a different kind of fulfillment and joy to see our kababayans win in life. Especially in these trying times. Their perseverance and hard work inspire me to do the same! Their love for their family is unconditional. Parang wala kang excuse maging tamad because you see these people doing everything to be able to provide for their family,” she said.

In her online job-hunting show “TrabaHanap Live,” KaladKaren gets to interview employers who have job opportunities for Filipinos and feature successful applicants. She also gives tips, tricks, and insights for those still looking for work.

The show, which also streams on the Facebook pages of TFC Official, TFC Asia, TFC Middle East, CineMo, MORe- Luzon, MORe – Visayas, and MORe – Mindanao, is now also airing as “Trabahanap TV” on CineMo every Sunday, 9 am.

It is also on digital platforms like @FYEchannel on the Kumu app, CineMo’s YouTube channel, and Kapamilya Online Live.

Don’t miss TrabaHanap’s “Give Love, Give Jobs this Christmas” Virtual Career Fair with KaladKaren this Saturday (December 4), 4 pm on the official TrabaHanap Facebook page ( For more information on the jobs offered there and other openings, visit the website, now with exciting new features.

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