Download Minecraft 1.19.0 The Wild Update APK for Android

Minecraft 1.19.0 The Wild Update
Minecraft PE 1.19.0 The Wild Update.

This is an absolute novelty that will add new blocks, different hostile and friendly mobs, biomes for research and items to your favorite game that will help players in different game modes.

Recently at the MineCon broadcast, the creators of Minecraft talked about the upcoming global update Minecraft 1.19.0 The Wild Update . In addition to the newly added elements to the gameplay, the developers also noted the updated game engine, with the help of which the quality of the technical part of the game will increase.

Deep dark

This big development by the team of creators adds a lot of new caves and locations to the game, where there will be new mobs and items. Nevertheless, according to the early idea, it was supposed to represent one large cave biome, but over time, the developers decided to improve the concept.

Exploring new territories, you can find a lot of interesting things including abandoned cities.
Deep dark
Skulk Blocks

Back at Minecraft Live 2020, the developers showed these blocks, but finally they will appear in Minecraft 1.19.0. These blocks are unique in their mechanisms and applications. There are several types of them and each has its own characteristics. They can also be used in circuits from Redstone and create unique devices. In addition, experience can be gained from destroying them. Skulk-catalyst is able to create other rolling pin blocks around itself when the mob dies.

Boat with chest

This is a new subject that was also mentioned in early conferences. Players have long been waiting for the introduction of this add-on into the game. Traveling and exploring the world will become much easier with the help of a boat, because it will fit a lot of necessary items.
Boat with chest
Biome – Mangrove Swamp

The developers decided to diversify the biomes of the swamps and add a new species – Mangroves. They are made up of blocks of dirt and earth. New trees will grow in this area, you will be able to get new building blocks, and new creatures such as frogs and fireflies will also be generated.
Mangrove Swamp
Mangrove trees

This new type of tree is new to the Minecraft world. The creators of the game tried to make them as realistic as possible. A huge tree root system is placed over the surface of the swampy biome, taking over waterways. Blocks of these thickets will be a godsend for players, since many necessary items can be made from their parts.
Mangrove trees

New harmless mobs will inhabit the cube world in the new update. They will be of three types depending on the biome in which they grew up. Can inhabit swamps, snow-capped mountains and tropical jungles.

The predecessor of frogs is tadpoles; they live in water.

This very tiny mob is food for frogs. These creatures are the smallest of all mobs in existence.

They add an atmosphere of natural reality. You can meet them at any time of the day; they appear in groups of 5-10 pieces. They also emit light.


These new renewable blocks are located in new swamp biomes and can be obtained using land and a water bottle.

In addition, other materials can be obtained, for example, if you place a block of dirt above the drip chamber, water will leave from it and a block of clay will form. On the other hand, get another building block – mud bricks. They can be used to build various structures.
Download update for Minecraft PE 1.19.0

We have not yet announced the official release date for The Wild Update. However, according to some reports, test versions will be released in early 2022.
As soon as the official information about this update appears and the version of the game is available, you can download it by clicking on this link:

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