KAIA: SB19’s Sister Group Introduced!

New media and entertainment company ShowBT Philippines has launched their first-ever in-house P-pop girl group named KAIA, revealing their dragonfly-inspired logo on the group’s official social media handles and introducing its first member, Charlotte.

The P-pop girl group name is taken from the Cebuano word “kinaiya” which means inner character and a person’s individuality. Regardless of one’s strengths and weaknesses, “kinaiya” defines a person’s entire personality and character. Subsequently, the word also sounds like the generic Tagalog word “kaya” which shows our capabilities and drive to make our goals possible.

Furthermore, the logo is in the shape of a dragonfly because of its beauty, strength, and underrated appeal. Like the dragonfly, KAIA is a group that will imbibe beauty and strength, and talent and growth.

This November 10, an introduction video of their first member, Charlotte, was revealed. Charlotte has been in the performing scene since 2019 with one of the most popular dance cover group “MIX’IN”. MIX’IN recently did a Pretty Savage dance cover that garnered attention and positive comments from the artist itself, Blackpink. Prior to MIX’IN she was an active member of her dance troupe in high school and did cheerleading when she was in college while taking up a communication arts degree. Charlotte is an all-around performer and worked hard to stay in the performing industry, having joined several auditions before settling in with ShowBT Philippines. For Charlotte, it was a dream come true – to be under the same management that handles her idols, SB19. Being an indie and pop music fan, she admires how SB19 helped pave the way for P-pop and helped introduce Filipino music globally.

“It’s not easy climbing up towards this dream, there have been struggles, doubts, fears and days where I break down because of how hard the training and the pressure have been,” she said.

Charlotte expressed how difficult it was for her to debut and reach her goals being in a girl group. She used to self-train prior to joining and being in an organized, strict system was a new challenge for her. Despite the difficulties of the path to being an artist, she chose to push through due to her dreams and the support that she receives from her newfound family, her KAIA co-members.

“Giving up isn’t an option and I was able to survive because of my sisters, my group mates. I’m always reminded that I’m with people that have the same dream as mine and I’m not alone in this battle, having this mindset motivates me and inspires me to continue and do better each day,” she added.

Charlotte dreams for KAIA to be one of the P-pop idols who will top music charts and break into the global scene because of their capabilities and music. With her perseverance and the right mindset, she commits to pushing through and fighting for her dreams with KAIA.

See more of Charlotte and stay tuned for KAIA updates in this link:

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