Q&A with Nam Yoon-Su of ‘The King’s Affection’

Get to know more about Baeksang’s Best New Actor nominee Nam Yoon-Su. After getting recognition for his role in the Netflix original series “Extracurricular,” he now plays the role of Lee Hyun in the period romance drama “The King’s Affection.”

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  1. Please introduce your character in The King’s Affection

I play Yi Hyun in the series. Yi Hyun excels both in academics and martial arts. He’s always soft and gentle, but, at the same time, cannot stand injustice. He is a very reliable and thoughtful character, who knows humility and manners. In short, he’s a good man, who knows what’s right. 

  1. How will you describe your offscreen bond and onscreen pairing? 

As mentioned above, the cast of this series were all peers. It was comfortable and fun to work with one another. Also, when reading the script, we were able to communicate and freely share our own opinion, which made the shootings more enjoyable. You can check out our true chemistry on screen. 

  1. After tackling different genres, you have gone for a historical drama this time, what made you decide that it was the right script to go for? 

The one word to describe why I chose to participate in the King’s Affection is: challenge. I was on the lookout for the next project, and wanted to try a character that was not too cliche. That was when I came across the King’s Affection, a historical drama. Because it is a historical drama, I thought that I’d be able to learn a lot while acting, and thereby decided to participate. Also, when I read the script, there was a heart-fluttering moment as I read the lines of my character Yi Hyun. That’s when I saw the character’s charm. 

  1. What is the main reason you choose to star in ‘The King’s Affection’? 

As mentioned before, the script of the series played the biggest role in guiding my decision to take part in this show. The script wasn’t finished at the time, but I was

totally drawn into the perfect narrative. Also, it made me wonder how the story would unfold going forward. I wanted to be immersed in the character Yi Hyun to play the role. 

  1. This is director Song Hyun Wook’s first historical romance after working on many popular modern day romance-dramas. Can you share what was it like working with him? 

Director Song is always full of energy, and I think that is what drives the energy of all the cast on set. He is a positive thinker and a nice person to everyone at all times. This is why I trust in him, and also why I engage in the shootings with good, bright energy and a positive mindset. 

  1. How was it like to work with the co-stars in The King’s Affection? 

We’re still shooting the series, and the on-set atmosphere is so fun and comfortable to the extent that I want to work with the same cast and crew in the next project as well. 

  1. What have been the most fun and challenging parts while shooting the series? 

The best part was that I was able to go to places all over the country, which I haven’t been to yet, and enjoy the natural environment of those places. The challenging part was pronouncing unfamiliar archaic words, because depending on how you express an emotion, it may be interpreted in a different way. So, it wasn’t easy to find the right way to express the underlying meaning of each word. 

  1. As it will be broadcasted through Netflix globally, do you have any messages for K-Drama fans out there that are eagerly waiting for the premiere of ‘The King’s Affection’? 

I think you’ll be able to see a different type of traditional Korean beauty. We’ve been all working hard since Spring to deliver a good show for our viewers, and still are. So, I hope you can all enjoy and stay interested in the King’s Affection as well as Yi Hyun.

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“The King’s Affection” is currently one of the Top 10 trending shows on Netflix Philippines.

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