Top 5 Netflix Movies To Watch After A Heartbreak

No matter whether you were dumped or you dumped someone, breaking up results in a hard break and the world looks gloomy. Right after a break-up, having a tear-soaked pillow is normal and in addition to that, listening to sad songs and finishing a tub of ice cream is normal. One greatest blow of heartbreak is the reduced self-esteem which fills one with the thought that they would never be loved again or they will never be able to love again. The emotion can be in turmoil but it does not mean that you have to go through it alone. Here is a list of 5 Netflix movies to accompany you during this hard time. 

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1. How To Get Over A Breakup 

The plot of the movie revolves around a woman who is dumped by her long-term boyfriend and her coping strategy against it. It is a light-hearted comedy but teaches one well how to get over a breakup. Hence, the title truly justifies the movie. After the break, and after posting sad WhatsApp Status, the protagonist starts a blog that becomes immensely popular and the blog actually helps her to know her real worth. It further helps the viewer to identify the different stages of the grief of breaking up. Watching the movie will give you the hope that there is something better in store. Even though a break-up might look like the end of the world, it is not. On the other end of the tunnel, a beautiful future is waiting for you. 

2. I Feel Pretty

A breakup often leads to doubting oneself and questioning themselves. If you are in that stage, where you are removing Whatsapp Dp and digging the rabbit hole more, you need to stop and watch the I Feel Pretty Movie. This movie is about Renee Bennett who struggles with her self-esteem. One day accidentally, she hits her head and she finds her self-esteem back. Even though her appearance and her circumstances are still the same, her perspective towards it is different and that made a huge difference in changing her life for the better. This movie will help you to get back your self-esteem and will teach you that your perspective about yourself can control your life. 

3. Dear Zindagi 

Although this is a Bollywood movie, the movie is worth watching with the English subtitles on. Dear Zindagi revolves around a girl who ends up in a relationship with guys even if things are going well. After connecting with a psychologist, she understands that her fear of a good relationship stems from her unhealed childhood trauma. The story deals with the issue of fear of abandonment and teaches one how to fall back in love with life. Sometimes, when facing low, it is important to introspect and see what actually fires such views and emotions and the movie teaches you just that. 

4. Eat Pray Love 

The movie revolves around Elizabeth Gilbert who has everything a modern woman can dream of. She has a husband, house and a successful career too but she feels that something is still missing in her life. Confused about her relationship, she ends up getting a divorce and then starts a journey beyond her comfort zone to seek the missing piece of her life. In Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth goes on a journey of self-discovery where during her travels she finds her peace by eating in Italy, praying in India and meeting her inner peace and love in Indonesia. If you are someone who is afraid to step out of your comfort zone, watching this movie is a must. 

5. The Pursuit of Happyness

It is a biographical movie of Chris Gardner and is all about hope. In this movie, Chris Gardner who is a struggling salesman ends up alone with his son as his marriage ends due to financial instability. The story that follows this event is all about his struggle as a salesman, father and internship. The movie will inspire you to work hard on yourself to create better opportunities and a life for yourself. The best thing about the movie is that it is based on real-life, with the message that if he can do it, you can do it. Let nothing set boundaries around you. 

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