5 Tips To Organically Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram has been around for quite some while now and it keeps on introducing new features which means that businesses have to keep adjusting to the new features and algorithms to grow their account. Growing your account on Instagram is not easy as it used but having an Instagram account with a lot of followers is a good thing since you can promote your brand easily to a huge audience and the audience of Instagram is considered very active and this can come in huge to promote your brand.

If you are facing stagnant growth on your Instagram Account and having a hard time growing your account organically then these tips might be of use to you:

1. Stay Consistent

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account or do any other thing, there is one thing that you need to be fully ensured of and that is consistency because, for anything to work, you have to be consistent. You can expect anything to just go viral overnight, you will have to be consistent. 

For Instagram, there is one thing that you should keep in your mind that most of the posts from your account won’t go viral which means that you will have to stay consistent in order to grow an audience. You can do this by doing research on the best times to post on Instagram and try to post at that time on a daily basis. Globally, the most effective and peak time is around mid-morning, near 11 AM CT. 

You would be seeing some accounts posting multiple times a day while others once a week or once every day. Whichever routine you commit to, just make sure that you stick to it so that you will be giving your audience content right at the time when they would be expecting from you.

2. Focus On Multiple Content Types

Things have changed on Instagram and engagement is no longer limited to in-feed posts instead there are multiple other options available including stories, IGTV, etc. You should not only focus on posts only but also on other content types because some people from your audience may like posts, others may be interested in stories more than posts. So, if you want to grow your account organically on Instagram then make sure that you use different content types to have a vast variety of content available for the audience. 

3. Promote Cross-Platform

If you want your Instagram account to grow then it is necessary that you promote your account on other platforms too. There are a lot of different social platforms available such as Omegle, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Ometv, etc where you can share and promote your Instagram account. 

Having a presence on multiple social media platforms will mean that you can promote anything on multiple platforms and it is a unique strength as your word will be able to reach out to different audiences on different platforms. You can also add your social handles to your email newsletter, your website’s footer, and other such places so that your brand is promoted to more people.

4. Run Promotions & Contests

One thing that everyone loves is free stuff and you can promote your Instagram account by running promotions, giveaways, and discounts to your audience as it will help your account grow. You can run different contests, run different promotions and for these contests and promotions, make sure that you set one of the requirements following your account or make it followers only so that only users who are your followers will be eligible for the contests.

If you are consistent in such giveaways and doing them on a monthly or quarterly basis then you will not only get more audience every time but the older followers will also stick around and look for the next one.

5. Work With Micro-Influencers

On Instagram, the influencer market has grown dramatically over the past few years and it can be a good way to grow your account since influencers will be able to promote your brand to a huge audience but most of the influencers are very expensive.

You can pair up with micro-influencers who have a relatively smaller follower count but have an engaged and active audience. Such influencers have an engaged audience that does take action and you will see a growth in your follower count by working with such micro-influencers.

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