Francine Diaz, Named Brand Ambassador of Dr. Alvin Rejuvinating Set

Francine Diaz, star of the top-rating drama “Huwag Kang Mangamba” and one of the most sought-after young actresses today, is the newest endorser of Dr. Alvin Skin Care Products for their new Rejuvenating Set.

Staying true to its slogan “Gandang Angat, Gandang Dr. Alvin”, the brand, named after its founder Dr. Alvin Matulac, chose the pretty young actress to be its new face as her personality & character suits well.

“I think Francine is the perfect ‘face’ for our brand. She is beautiful, confident, and vibrant young lady. But beyond her physical attributes, we value somebody with good attitude, and Francine has it. She is consistently polite, courteous, and kind. It may sound redundant, but truly she is all that! And she smiles a lot too,” says Dr. Alvin himself.

“And with her massive followings in different social media platforms, she can give inspiration and enthusiasm within her community to the lifestyle and products she is using and uphold the Dr. Alvin skincare products awareness campaigns,” the founder adds.

Francine rose to fame in the 2018-hit teleserye “Kadenang Ginto” portraying the role of “Cassie.” She has also starred in a couple of projects portraying the lead role, such as the digital film “Tenement 66” and the digital series “Bawal Lumabas.” Currently, she has 3.6 million followers on Facebook, 4.6 million followers on Instagram and 5.1 million on TikTok.

Now, she joins the current line-up of Dr. Alvin Brand Ambassadors such as her fellow Kapamilya stars Kira Balinger and Joshua Garcia.

“Francine can communicate with her peers and followers. We feel that she can inspire those who follow her to also take care of their skin as well. She is passionate to her craft and exudes a positive energy that can easily attract like-minded people to her. Her personality and character shines through radiantly. She mirrors the youth, beauty, and femininity that we are looking for to carry our name as a brand ambassador in skincare,” Dr. Alvin says.

Upon launching Francine as its new ambassador, Dr. Alvin, through the new rejuvenating set, encourages consumers to maintain a healthy skin given that we are still in the pandemic.

“The pandemic has brought several changes in our daily routine, such as the use of face masks or face shield to avoid viral transmission, frequent usage of alcohol or disinfectants and others resort to sunbathing to get the benefits of sunlight for health. These new practices can bring negative effect to the skin. The use of disinfectants and PPEs can cause allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and acne,” Matulac notes. “Proper skin care routine during this pandemic situation is essential to maintain a healthy skin and avoid skin problems due to the use of disinfectants or PPEs. When it comes to maintaining healthy skin during pandemic, skin care routine consists of facial cleansers/soaps, toners, morning cream, night cream, moisturizers, sunscreen are recommended to keep the skin healthy and slowdown the appearance of premature aging on the skin.”

Welcoming Francine to the growing family of Dr. Alvin, along with the unveiling of the new Rejuvenating Set, mirrors how the brand cope up with a health crisis and adapt to the new normal as it also opens opportunities.

Matulac shares, “This pandemic has severely disrupted the spending behaviors of consumers, imposing people to change old habits and adopt new ones. It is no different with beauty and skin care industry; we are dealing with restrictions imposed after lockdowns, limited number of people allowed in the physical stores that have been able to open.”

“When lockdowns were announced in the country, and businesses closing, we thought of how to generate job opportunities for those who stayed at home and has become jobless. We taught them to do business online the legal way by marketing a SAFE, QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, and FDA APPROVED PRODUCTS,” he says.

Dr. Alvin is now accessible to everyone via Dr. Alvin Main Page on Facebook, @dralvinmainpage on Instagram, via website, or via phone call: 8371-2510, 8373-1894, 0999-992-1492 and 0917-881-5672. They are also open for Distributors, Wholesalers & Resellers Worldwide.

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