Tips to Obtaining a Qatar Family Residence Visa

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Qatar is a desert country located in the western region of Asia. It is a small oil-rich country and a center of trade in the middle-east. The country ranks among the top ten countries with the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the world. The country’s capital Doha is the home of one of the largest airlines in the world, Qatar Airways. This country presents a lot of job and business opportunities for individuals all over the world. Currently, the expatriates’ population is about eight times higher than that of the local population. If you live and work in this country and need to get a family visa to bring your family to Qatar, here is what you should do.

Residence Permit

Once you secure a job in Qatar, you will need to acquire a residence permit. With this permit, you will get a Qatar ID/Residence Card that allows you to work or run your business in the country. With this in place, you need to ensure that you get a job from the technology industry or specialized (non-labor). The government of Qatar does not allow those that work as laborers like delivery boys and drivers to sponsor their families to live in Qatar irrespective of their salaries.

Salary Certificate

Having secured a job in a specified industry, you will need to have a salary exceeding QR 10,000. Those that have a salary of QR 7,000 are also eligible if they can prove that they have free accommodation for their families. In most cases, your employer will provide you with this accommodation. Without such, the government cannot allow you to bring your family over since you will have a difficult time taking care of it.


Accommodation is paramount if you are to get a permanent family residence visa. You must prove to the authorities that your family will have a decent place to live once they get to Qatar. With a salary of QR 10,000, you will get a tenancy contract which your area municipality must verify. It shows that you are capable of comfortably accommodating your family. If you have a salary of QR 7,000 and above but below QR 10,000, your employer should be the one providing you with accommodation or have a contract that specifies housing allowance in addition to your salary.

Speak to Your Employer

Even with the above-mentioned certifications, it is still not a guarantee that you will be granted this visa.  You can ask your employer to intervene on your behalf. It is usually easier for employers to take this process through than you would since a majority of them are citizens.

Have Marriage and Birth Certificates

In most scenarios, individuals go through this process to enable their spouses and children to come to Qatar. In such cases, you must ensure that you have valid marriage and birth certificates for your spouse and children respectively. These certificates must be verified by your country’s embassy in Qatar as well as Qatar’s ministry of foreign affairs. 

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