How To Go Viral On Instagram Reels – 5 Ultimate Tips

When Instagram rolled out its new feature in mid-2020, ‘Reels’, following the ban of the popular app “TikTok” in India, the Instagram community started to use this feature extensively. With its short duration of 15 – 30 seconds, Reels were a new medium of entertainment, encasing the idea of quick gratification that Instagram has been famous for propagating. The Reels feature is doing amazingly well and due to Instagram’s constant effort to increase its reach, content creators have begun to see it as a great platform for organic growth.

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This new medium of entertainment and effective marketing has proved to be incredibly beneficial for content creators, who adapted to the new time limit well. They set various trends and are continuously creating entertaining short content. The feature of Instagram Reels has established itself as a powerful choice for any individual who wants to boost their Instagram engagement by an organic approach.

If you use the Reels feature wisely, you will be able to get Instagram followers, gain Instagram views, and get more Instagram likes. You could even have your Reel featured on Instagram’s Reels section, which would further boost your page. Here, we are going to list five ultimate tips to use to get the most out of Instagram’s Reels feature. 

  • Follow the Instagram Reels trends

The Instagram community follows specific trends. These are visible in some of the similar reels posted by some well-known content creators. By following specific trends, you can increase the chances of your Reel being viewed by more audiences as they already know what the trend is and will wait to see the complete reel. 

Every topic of content has a particular niche on this social media platform, and to identify yourself as one of the successful members of this niche on Instagram, you are required to post identifiable content that your followers can view and instantly connect with. Thus, using these short video formats, Reels, you will be easily identified as a specific kind of account. 

  • Use trending music

Just as in TikTok, the music features on Instagram are also a major part of a video. If you choose a trending song, there is a greater possibility that your content will do well. The viewer will remember the particular song, and keep playing it repeatedly if they like. They will more likely view your Reel to the end, not swiping to the next as the song in the Reel is enjoyable for them. By using trending songs, there are high chances of your Reel to be featured and become viral.

Try using original audios of popular pages, because these trends get followed by a lot of other brand and influencer pages. People will be able to discover your page if they click on the original audio. This is a great way to grow your page organically and will also help you to be discovered by new pages who might not have clicked on your page by searching it exclusively.

  • Cross-promote your reel

By promoting your reel on your Instagram story, you will gain more views on it, as well as there’s a high possibility that the majority of your followers could potentially re-story it if they like it. Additionally, make sure you tag the person who started the trend, to improve its reach. This will give them a notification that you have mentioned them in your story. They might check out your content and share your reel on their story too, enabling their followers to check out your content. This will not only increase your Reel views but also your profile’s engagement, followers, likes, etc.

Reels has created a new support system amongst the Instagram audience and to capitalize on it, you should reach out to more people of the community by following their trends, and tagging them on your posts inspired by them and their work. 

  • Add related hashtags

Hashtags are the most effective tools on Instagram that can help your content reach a wider relevant audience. However, wrong hashtags can harm your posts in an imaginable way.

That is why using the right hashtags is extremely necessary. Do keyword research relevant to your niche, brand, and products and add them like hashtags to the caption of your Reels. People following those hashtags or interested in that type of content will see your posts and might visit your profile. This will help your Reels gain Instagram views and more Instagram likes. If people like your content and wish to see it in the future, you might also opt to find the best place to buy Instagram followers.

Also, don’t overload your posts with hashtags. Several studies have shown that a maximum of 11 hashtags has brought the best results for every Instagram post.

  • Don’t forget the medium

The form of entertainment you are creating in the form of Instagram Reels is a very short one. This means that it must conclude within 15 to 30 seconds. You only need to show the most important details to your audience. For example, a food recipe video should quickly glance across all the ingredients and the main points. You can then mention the detailed recipe in the post’s caption and add the relevant hashtags. 


Instagram Reels feature has emerged as the smartest, most entertaining, and fastest way of organic growth on Instagram. Follow these tips to go viral on Instagram Reels without much of a hassle. Good luck.


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