PENTAGON Drops Music Video for ‘Cerberus’

PENTAGON, who received great love from K-pop fans with their powerful performances, various concepts, and wide musical spectrum presented through ‘Dr. BeBe’, ‘Daisy’, ‘DO or NOT’ and more, once again strengthens their musical foothold with the release of a new song ‘Cerberus (Song By YUTO, KINO, WOOSEOK)’ that overturns expectations.

PENTAGON’s youngest members YUTO, KINO, and WOOSEOK have previously participated in writing and composing music including ‘Spring Snow’, ‘Camellia’, ‘Nostalgia’, and ‘Baby I Love You’, and proved their competence through musical accomplishments that cross multiple genres. PENTAGON’s Digital Single [Cerberus] was created with the musical synergies of these three people to create a fresh and unique track that can quench the fans’ thirst for PENTAGON’s music.

The Digital Single [Cerberus] is evocative of the three-headed monster guarding the gates of Hades in Greek and Roman mythology, and at the same time, the lyrics ‘When us, “mayonnaise” are gathered, we are the Cerberus’ imply that when the three youngest members come together, they have as strong energy as the ‘Cerberus’.

The new song ‘Cerberus (Song By YUTO, KINO, WOOSEOK)’, which was created by YUTO, KINO and WOOSEOK of PENTAGON together with rising rookie producer chAN’s, is a hip-hop track with witty lyrics full of the three members’ characteristics and will present a different musical color from PENTAGON’s style that has been shown so far.

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