iQiyi’s 5 Tips to Find Your True Love

A good romantic series is always enough to make people binge-watch. In iQIYI’s Sweet ON collection, there are two couples: Patrick Shih and Amy Chen in First Love Again and Evan Lin and Wan Peng in Crush. The former couple’s love crosses time and space while the lady of the latter couple fell in love with a handsome blind man at first sight. These two sweet and torturing love stories are different, but the moving courage to love is just the same. Chinese Valentine’s Day has just passed, but for the singles around the world, there is no need to be sad. You can learn from the love stories of the two couples to find your true love.

  1.      Anthem of Love:

In every beautiful love, there is an anthem just for each other. In First Love Again, Amy Chen’s favorite song is Time Machine by MayDay and it becomes the important connection in the sweet and torturing universe across 13 years, with her in 2006 and Patrick Shih in 2019. No matter which universe they are in, they always have the chance to give up everything in order to come back to each other. In Crush, Evan Lin composes touching songs under the pseudonym “Yijin” and Wan Peng recognized the deep emotion in them. Two people from different words resonated because of music.

  1. Love Is Near:

Amy Chen and Patrick Shih are high school classmates who came into each other’s life due to time travel. They are neighbors and desk mates. The aloof genius and the sunny girl gradually grew fond of each other, they are by each other’s side in need. When Patrick Shih’s most important person, his grandpa, had a traffic accident, Amy Chen saved him. They are with each other at crucial moments and love is blossoming. Wan Peng fell in love with Evan Lin at the first sight. They first ran into each other in the elevator, then they both taught at a special school. They are destined lovers. To love someone, you need to spend time with them. Maybe, the right person is near

  1. Journey of Love:

It is important to create romance and charming moments for a love journey! In First Love Again, Patrick Shih is very charming and applied medicine to the wound when Amy Chen’s leg got hurt. Next day in school, he checked her wound carefully too, which makes Amy Chen fall in love with him. In Crush, Wan Peng took good care of Evan Lin, a handsome blind man. She opened an umbrella for him when raining, and their love is blossoming when cuddling under the umbrella in the rain.

  1. Courage of Love:

Love requires courage. You need to take your chance and be proactive or you may miss your true love. The aloof genius Patrick Shih helped Amy Chen with her studies and bought MayDay’s concert ticket for her. When she was going to miss the concert, he took her to rush to her idol, which left a great impression on her. Wan Peng also took her chance to court Evan Lin. When they were in the Ferris wheel together, she managed to get closer to him, pushed the boundary away bravely and their relationship became more intimate.

  1. Taste of Love:

Love is always sweet. When you feel sweet when thinking of someone, that’s the proof of love so don’t miss it. In First Love Again, when Patrick Shih had an attack of balloon phobia, Amy Chen chose to protect him first time although she was angry with him. She also gave him a candy to heal. In Crush, Evan Lin seemed to be distant, but Wan Peng was proactive and took good care of him. She considers him as her top priority and her tenderness had already melted him. You can tell that when he put the candy she gave him in the pocket closest to heart.

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