4 Things Comedians Do to Book Gigs

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Life as a comedian can be rough, simply because it can be difficult to find and book gigs. The COVID-19 pandemic made it near impossible to do live performances, and even as things open back up comedians may still have difficulties finding gigs. Don’t fret however, as there are several things that you can do as an aspiring comedian to boost your chances of landing work. Here are four things that comedians can do to help them in their gig search. 

Be Realistic

One of the most important things you need to do as a comedian looking to find gigs is to be realistic. When searching for work, you need to aim for gigs that are reasonably within your range. There’s no point applying and jostling for a gig that is way out of your league. Focus on obtaining smaller gigs and build a repertoire before trying to land any big gigs. Keeping yourself realistic will allow you to work a handful of small gigs and hone your craft, and will prevent you from being discouraged from too many rejections.


It’s important to lean on your network when you’re looking for work in any industry. However finding work in the entertainment industry is especially hard, which places even more of an emphasis on your network. Work on creating strong relationships with venue owners and talent managers. These people should be able to point you in the right direction, helping you to find work and connect with people that need to hire comedians. Having a strong network that you can rely on will make it much easier to find work as a comedian, and can eventually lead to you finding consistent work. 

Find a Headliner

A great way to book gigs as a new comedian is by attaching yourself to a headliner. Comedians that are bigger than you will headline events and will need someone to open for them. Establishing a relationship with a headline act could allow you to open for them several times, getting you much-needed exposure and experience. While you won’t be opening for Damon Wayans Jr., there are plenty of bigger comedians that you can connect with and open for. Attaching to a headline act is much like networking, but rather than connecting with venue owners you connect with bigger named comedians. Having a consistent way to land gigs and a comedian that you can turn to for advice are great ways to launch your comedic career, making this something all comedians should look into. 

Take Advantage of Open Mics

As an aspiring comedian, you should always take advantage of open mic nights. Many bars and restaurants host open mic nights, providing the perfect opportunity for you to hone your craft. These events typically have good crowds and although they don’t pay they offer valuable experience. Open mic nights are a great way to test out new jokes and become comfortable in front of an audience. Additionally, you never know who might be in the crowd, as someone in the industry might notice your talent and help you land gigs in the future.  

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