‘Peach of Time’ is First Thai-Korean BL Series

An independent Korean company is producing a BL series that will star Thai and Korean actors. Titled “Peach Of Time,” this is the very first BL series that will feature a combination of actors from Thailand and South Korea.

Starring in “Peach of Time” is Korean actor Choi JaeHyun and Thai actor Jimmy (Karn Kritsanaphan).

If you’ve seen the K-drama “Run On” on Netflix, JaeHyun portrayed a rookie K-pop Idol who is the brother of one of the lead characters. In the gender-bender “Sweet Munchies,” he portrayed the main actor’s younger brother who happens to be gay.

Thai actor Jimmy (Karn Kritsanaphan), on the other hand, is popular among BL fans for being partnered with Tommy (Sittichok Pueakpoolpol) in “Why R U?” The Series. They are the secondary loveteam in the drama and both of them will also star in “Peach of Time.” But as you can see in the main poster of the series, it’s Jimmy who will share top-billing with Jae-Hyun and it’s safe to assume that they are the main pair in the upcoming series.

Directed by Jang EuiSoon, “Peach of Time” will have 10 episodes that will run 20 minutes each.

Here is the gist of the story: YoonOh and Peach get to know little by little more about each other feelings and secrets about death through things that happen at the borders between this world and the afterlife.

“Peach of Time” is the next Korean-produced BL series lined up to follow the success of “Light on Me.” It’s expected to be released in September of the fourth quarter of this year.

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