A Jealous Jerry Yan Confronts Shen Yue in ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

Jealousy starts to get the better of Jerry Yan (Calvin Lu) and Shen Yue (Andi) as their love story continues in in “Count Your Lucky Stars” (CYLS) on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5.

Calvin could no longer control his emotions after seeing Andi with her boss Miles Wei (Francis). He heatedly asked Andi if any romance is brewing between her and Francis that led to another fight between the two.

Meanwhile, Andi also got annoyed with Calvin as she believed he was trying to make her jealous by ignoring her in a party in front of Calvin’s friend and co-worker, Alexa (Li Yu Yang).

Meanwhile, it seems like Yange is in doom as Andi and Francis’ company continues to face massive losses. If Yange continues to spiral down, it would mean Andi’s career as a fashion designer will be brought to an end.

Will Calvin finally make a move to confess to Andi? How will Yange be saved from financial ruin? Find out on “Count Your Lucky Stars” every weekday at 10 pm on Kapamilya Channel (cable), Kapamilya Online Live (Facebook at YouTube), A2Z (free TV), and TV5 (free TV).

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