Arthur Tan Releases ‘After the Party’ EP

DJ-producer Arthur Tan has dropped the “After the Party” electronic play (EP), a coming-of-age in the big city account reminiscent of his post-night-outs in New York City and Manila.

The artist, known for his penchant for dreamy dance music, was inspired to produce four nostalgic electronic house tracks that manifest post-party ‘feels’ that people long for these days.

“I really wanted to capture the story of how I felt during those post-club parties, hence the EP is called ‘After the Party,’” he said. “I also wanted to release the EP now because I feel like it’s the type of dance music that people may need at the moment, with everything that’s going on.”

The “After The Party” EP drop coincides with the release of its fourth and final single, “Slow Breaths.” It also includes the track “Sleepwalking,” which was released independently in September 2020. “City Runs” and “Night Cap” followed this year and were released under Tarsier Records.

“For personal reasons, I believe this EP portrays another side of myself, a part that people don’t really see, and it is something that I felt was authentic to me, a collection of songs that I can truly say I put myself into wholeheartedly,” he revealed.

A launch event co-presented by Tarsier Records & After the Noon Records will be happening on Saturday (May 29), 9 pm (Manila time) to celebrate the release titled “After the Party” EP Release Concert. The show will feature performances from Arthur, Tom Suplico, and Tarsier Records artists, Dotty and daze. Catch the show on

Arthur grew up in the Philippines and has been active in the music industry as a DJ, musician, and dancer for at least 15 years, bringing passion to electronic house music. In 2018, he pursued his craft in the US, performing all over New York for two years. He recently came home with a bang and is now ready to tell his story through music.

Stream Arthur’s EP “After The Party,” now available on various music streaming services. For more details, follow Tarsier Records on its social media accounts @tarsierrecords and listen to the label’s official Spotify playlist at

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