‘Gen Z’ to Air Emotional, Stirring Finale this Sunday

  • Coming of age series, Gen Z, brings its hard-fought emotional battles to an end with a special finale this Sunday.

On May 30, Sunday, Gen Z stars Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza, Ricci Rivero, Melizza Jimenez, Chie Filomeno, Kent Gonzales, and Darwin Yu will bid viewers farewell with an unforgettably intriguing finale.

Born within 1997-2015, Generation Z has emerged as one of the more fascinating segments of the population, typically described as pragmatic digital natives who are politically progressive and money smart—and Gen Z, the family youth drama which made its debut last March on TV5, has successfully told this generation’s story of hopes, struggles, and heartaches.

Viewers witnessed the growing pains of Gen Z characters Matet (Oineza), brothers Jojo (Ponce) and Kiko/Koy (Gonzales), Michelle (Jimenez), Migo (Rivero), Gina (Filomeno), and Rico (Yu) as they stepped into young adulthood full of their dreams and ambition. Yet as the story progresses, the characters learn that life is full of challenges and responsibilities that they were not necessarily prepared for.

In its 13-episode run, the youth-family drama tackled various social issues faced in today’s reality. As the show started, the characters made us feel that they could not wait to dive into life and make their dreams come true. However, as they continue to take themselves through the realities of our world, they crumble in its weight, leading to dents on their mental health and struggles in their interpersonal relationships with their family and friends. The support among their peers and elders is in flux, giving viewers a glimpse of the dynamics among and between generations.

Viewers will surely be at the edge of their seats as they are treated to an explosive finale. With Matet dealing with mistress drama, Michelle battling depression as Migo continues to be an abusive on-and-off boyfriend, Jojo struggling to fight for his restricted relationship with Michelle, Kiko yet to reconcile with his father, Gina recovering from a miscarriage, and Rico dealing with unrequited love, viewers are left to wonder what is yet to come. Will the fate of these young adults conclude on a positive note? Or will they meet a bittersweet end?

Catch the #GenZTV5Finale this Sunday, May 30, at 8PM on TV5. Gen Z can also be watched LIVE and ON-DEMAND on Cignal Play App. Stream every episode for free

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