‘GAMEBOYS: The Movie’ Trailer Unleashed

GAMEBOYS, the Filipino boys love (BL) web series which captured the heart of millions worldwide during the pandemic, is going to have a full-length film feature that will continue the love story of teenage streamer Cairo and his online rival Gavreel after they met in person. Adrianna So, Elijah Canlas, and Kokoy de Santos will reprise their roles among others.

This was announced by Perci Intalan of The IdeaFirst Company during the World Gameboys Day live stream on Saturday, May 22, which celebrated the birth of the very first Filipino BL series. But aside from the movie, Intalan also revealed that GAMEBOYS will have a season 2.

Check out the trailer of GAMEBOYS The Movie below:

After Black Sheep’s “Hello Stranger” and GMMTV’s “2gether,” GAMEBOYS is the third BL series to release a movie counterpart.

GAMEBOYS The Movie is slated to be released on July 30, 2021.

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