Discover How Content Creators Live Life at Full Speed with OPPO A94

For over a year, everyone has been very busy juggling work, school, and other errands to try to preserve as much productivity as possible and achieve their goals in life, living at a pace much quicker than normal. Living life at full speed does not necessarily mean having to accomplish everything at once; rather, it means taking in whatever life has to offer and completely living in the moment.

To keep up with everything you have to accomplish, while reminding you to appreciate fleeting moments in life, having a smartphone that’s packed with powerful camera features, smooth performance for gaming and streaming, and long battery life is key.The new OPPO A94 delivers just that.Here are some testimonials from top mobile gamers and content creators on how the latest DNA of the A Series helps them live life at full speed:

Never having to hit pause on your daily routine

For OPPO Gaming Ambassador and Gaming Video Creator Ashley Gosiengfiao, a normal day starts off by “spiritually and emotionally programming herself for the day ahead.” Because she streams and plays games during the day, it’s important for her to stay zen, meditate and take care of her beloved dog and plants, before anything else. Once she gets in the zone, there’s no stopping her, especially with OPPO A94’s Game Focus Mode. “It’s my favorite feature, as just the smallest distraction in a game can dictate its whole outcome,” she says. “I also love how fast it charges. You won’t ever have to hit pause IRL [in real life] or plug it in while streaming because the battery lasts the whole night!”

Apart from gaming, Ashley uses her A94 to also capture the most candid moments in her day. “It lets me document life without the lag, thanks to its smooth performance,” she adds.

Making the most of your day to be productive 

The multi-hyphenate Deegee Razon does more in a day than most – balancing two passions at a time his day is usually packed with meetings, as an insurance broker, and creating content for his social media platforms to keep his followers and friends updated. By 9pm, it’s time for relaxation, which means playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and even streaming on Netflix. Because of his daily schedule, he doesn’t always have the time to charge his smartphone. “I tend to forget to charge my phone, but with the OPPO A94’s long battery life, I don’t have to worry about it,” he says. “I also love how fast the phone works. As someone who plays games and uses his phone for entertainment, performance and speed are important to me.”

Also known for his top-tier content creation skills, Deegee also looks for a gadget that has settings comparable with a professional camera. “I like how it has multiple settings – it even has a Dual-View Video feature that I can use for my vlogs!” Dual-View Video is a smart camera feature on A94 that allows both front and rear cameras to record simultaneously covering actions in 360.

Capturing moments with the people you love 

Vlogger and Master Hokage Bont Oropel usually films and posts his day-to-day life, connecting with a wide range of people through this. During the times he gets to relax, he spends these precious moments with his family and loved ones. “We usually eat and watch movies as a form of bonding,” he says. But even during these down times, his content creator instinct kicks in. For Bont, living life at full speed means being able to document these fun moments and preserve them on his vlog – and that’s why he needs a powerful camera at all times. “My camera, laptop, and cellphone must always be with me; you never know when an opportunity to shoot pops out!”

“I love OPPO A94’s quad lens AI-assisted camera, especially the Dual-View Video and wide angle features, because it makes my content more powerful and beautiful,” he says. “Plus, with its long-lasting battery, I can do more with this device! If you’re an aspiring content creator and want to start a vlog, I really recommend this phone – it’s got awesome performance at a very reasonable price!”

Expanding one’s knowledge while staying up to date with the trends 

For gamer and livestreamer Gloco Gaming, his mobile phone is his key to living life at full speed, as it’s his touchpoint for sharing what he’s up to and keeping up with what’s going on through social media. OPPO A94 meets his gaming needs, especially with its Game Focus Mode. “As a gamer, this feature lets me focus on my game, instead of closing notifications appearing as I play. It also prevents me from accidentally closing the game window from intense button tapping,” he says.

While he’s known mainly for his gaming livestreams, he also likes to share his life away from the screen, as he posts photos and videos of his fishing and camping adventures. “Thanks to OPPO A94, I don’t have to worry about not capturing any moment in my life because my device has a low battery,” he says. “It’s very handy and I can bring it anytime, anywhere.”

Live life at full speed with the OPPO A94 

To get you to live life at full speed, OPPO A94 is built with a 48MP AI quadcamera setup and special AI camera features like the Dual-View Video, AI Monochrome Video, Dynamic Bokeh, new filters on Night Plus, and more, to help you capture every moment in life. Its long battery life and 4310mAh 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 also lets you keep up with your meetings, calls, photography, gaming and streaming without interruption.

A94 is now officially available in the Philippines at PHP13,999 via OPPO concept and online stores, partner dealers, and exclusive e-commerce channels Shopee and Lazada.

For more information about the latest OPPO A94, and all of OPPO’s exclusive deals, visit the official website at or via the official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.


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