Top-7 Movies Each Marketer Can Get Inspiration from

Being a marketing specialist or a salesman is not an easy destiny. This job requires substantial knowledge of professional strategies together with being updated on the newest trends in the sphere, and together with this – to be always ready to fail. Thus, it wrecks nerves and requires self-restraint. 

Having complex day-to-day routine tasks with not consistently successful outcomes, it’s nice to get some time to unwind. Especially at the end of the working week and while watching an interesting film. Moreover, films often can be good teachers, and there are quite many movies about marketing.

Considering a great deal of information that marketing specialists should learn, films can be an excellent material to learn from. And at the same time, watching films can provide a quality and joyful opportunity to relax and have fun.

So, watching modern movies can be considered one of the best ways of spending free time for marketing experts. Especially considering that there are a lot of good films dedicated to the marketing theme! 

In this article, we will provide you the 7 most preferable of those. So you will have joyful, memorable, and at the same time, useful weekends for your professional development!

1. Thank you for smoking!

This picture can be regarded as one of the best marketing movies worth your attention already due to its name. It’s fun and absurd at the same time, and the film has a lot to talk about how to convince people effectively, even if it’s of something distinctively wrong or even forbidden. 

The main character is an energetic guy who works for a tobacco lobbying company. His company’s purpose is to turn as many people as possible to their customers, i.e., to make them smokers. And in this age and time, it’s not as easy a task as it could be, say, half a century ago. 

Still, the character’s charisma can make smoking look remarkably good. And he even goes to his son’s school and dares to convince children that smoking is beneficial…

2. The Joneses

This film is the true classic for marketing specialists. It opens the mechanism of influence marketing in detail. 

The characters of the movie are a family of four: mother, father, daughter, and son. But the truth is, they are not a real family, but professional actors hired to advertise goods. 

They live in a wealthy town and have everything people can only dream of. The best clothes, tech, cosmetics, and so on. People who watch the family’s lives on screens get affected by their taste and the products they buy. So that others start to buy the same items. Among movies about advertising, this picture can be regarded as one of the best for sure! And if you get interested in this film, add more network marketing movie options to your watching list.

3. How to lose a guy in 10 days

It’s a lovely romantic comedy but can be very useful for marketers as well. As it shows how humans’ moods and feelings can be greatly influenced by certain behaviors, just like if pressing certain buttons on a device. 

The main female character gets an assignment to make a guy hate her. While that same male character is sure that he’s able to make that girl fall in love with him.

So, he uses all the expedients to get her love, while she behaves just by instruction to make him hate her. The situation is, on the one hand, comic, but on the other hand, all the tactics used appear to be effective…

4. What women want

Mel Gibson’s role in this movie, together with its plot, is hard to forget for anyone who has watched it at least once in their lives. And this film can also be a great material to learn from for marketers as it shows how to target customers properly – try to read their minds or settle into their roles.

As the plot goes, the main character gets hit with electroshock in his bathroom, and after that, he starts hearing every woman’s thoughts. And hearing their thoughts, Mel Gibson’s character starts to understand them and their needs and changes himself.

5. Jobs

 Just from the first days of its appearing on screens, this film became a must-see movie for any marketer. As in this biographical picture, its directors tried to disclose the secrets of the mind of one of the geniuses of our time, Steve Jobs. 

His inventor’s mind led to the invention of the first iPhone (which was the first smartphone in history) and other key products of the Apple company. With the help of this movie, marketers have the chance to get acquainted with the extraordinary mind of Steve Jobs, and, in a sense, try to learn his patterns of thinking. 

This picture can also be regarded as one of the best digital marketing movies of all time.

6. The Founder

And this film is dedicated to the genius marketer who started the first fast-food franchise in the world – McDonald’s. His name is Ray Kroc, he started his career as a seller of milkshake machines, and one day he noticed the small McDonald’s burger café. 

In this picture, many details of building one of the biggest business empires are disclosed. Together with moral conflicts of the founder and controversies in building the business itself. And due to the film’s educational plot, it can be considered useful for marketers.

7. The Circle

This new movie with Emma Watson playing the main character became known, first of all, due to its groundbreaking plot. The girl gets a job in a seriously large company where she agrees to take part in an extraordinary experiment which implies the elimination of all the privacy of its participants. 

But aside from being interesting in terms of the plot and actors, this movie can also be useful for marketers. As it shows how easily people can be manipulated. With marketing digitalization in 2021, this topic seems to get more realistic.

Movies can be considered both as a great option for entertainment and as efficient learning materials. Every film from this article’s list fulfills both functions successfully, so turn on any of those, and you will rest with pleasure and develop professionally!

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