Polish Vocal Coach Reacts to Julie Anne San Jose’s ‘Driver’s License’ Song Cover

YouTube music reactor Jacek Maślanka from Poland loves Julie Anne San Jose‘s cover of “Driver’s License,” a Billboard number one song by Filipino-American singer Olivia Rodrigo.

Known online as Yazik, the vocal coach has all praises for Julie Anne’s rendition.

“Beautiful, i love her vibrato and she’s so beautiful…I love the head voice. It’s just super nice. It’s kind of there is this complaining in her voice and these lyrics are about, you know, losing someone and not being okay with that and the version is like super groovy, there is this bass ‘boom boom boom’ and she’s playing the piano which is super awesome. I dig that! I like it when singers do different things with the songs they’re covering,” he said.

Watch Yazik’s full reaction to Julie Anne’s version of “Driver’s License” below:

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