Citizen Pinoy Presents Abunda x Gurfinkel on U.S. Immigration Concerns

With the global pandemic causing unprecedented disruptions in people’s lives and with President Joe Biden now in the White House, what can Filipino applicants and petitioners around the world expect from their immigration process in the United States?

Award-winning TV host Boy Abunda and leading immigration lawyer Michael J. Gurfinkel will give Kapamilyas free consultation on immigration-related issues in the live webinar “Citizen Pinoy Presents Abunda x Gurfinkel,” which will be livestreamed on May 23 (5 PM PST) or May 24 (8 AM Manila time).

The live Q&A event, organized by iWantTFC and The Filipino Channel (TFC) in partnership with “Citizen Pinoy,” will be seen on the YouTube channels of iWantTFC, ABS-CBN Entertainment, and US Immigration TV with Atty. Michael Gurfinkel, and on the Facebook pages of iWantTFC, ABS-CBN, TFC, TFC Asia, TFC Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific, TFC Middle East, TFC Europe, TFC US, TFC Canada, and The Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel.

With the goal of reuniting families, Gurfinkel will provide guidance on the latest news and information on various immigration-related concerns, particularly:

  • family petitions;
  • immigration reform under the Biden administration;
  • the reopening of the US Embassy in the Philippines;
  • the impact of the pandemic on pending petitions, and;
  • job opportunities for young professionals and healthcare workers who want to live in the US.

While Gurfinkel will tackle these issues, the event organizers urge viewers to seek actual professional legal advice on individual immigration situations.

Filipinos all around the world can ask their questions and concerns that can be tackled during the live event by e-mailing them to

Hosted by Gurfinkel, “Citizen Pinoy” is a public service program that helps the Filipino community deal with immigration and legal problems in North America. It is shown globally on iWantTFC, all TFC platforms (cable, satellite, IPTV), and ANC.

Watch “Citizen Pinoy Presents Abunda x Gurfinkel,” which will be livestreamed on May 23 (5 PM PST) or May 24 (8 AM Manila time) on the Facebook pages and YouTube channels of iWantTFC, TFC, Gurfinkel, and ABS-CBN Entertainment.

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