WATCH: Top 5 Performances on #Chuang2021

Chuang 2021, the Chinese version of South Korea’s reality Idol group search “Produce x 101,” is about to announce the 11 trainees who will debut tonight during the show’s finale. We are predicting that it’s gonna be the most diverse group ever to be produced by the show with the inclusion of foreign trainees from Japan, Thailand, and the USA this year.

Before the newest Idol boy group is formed, let’s look back to five of the most memorable and outstanding performances this season. We compiled a Top 5 of our favorites based on entertainment and production value.

Check it out:

1. ‘Push No.5’ – “Say Sweet”

2. The Nana Party

3. Joker

4. Rappers Group – ‘Feng Ding’

5. “The Whale Transformed Into An Isolated Island”

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