Fandoms Show Their Passion with Enamel Pins

Music is an essential component to finding yourself and growing emotionally. The reason for this is because of the person and people behind the sounds and words that touch your soul with their life experiences, sharing them with you and trusting you with them. Our favorite songs can teach us with their honesty and unfiltered takes on this crazy world we live in. How do you thank your favorite artists, musicians and bands for the hope and love they instill in you? The answer that fandoms across the world have found is the enamel pin.

Enamel Pin a Hat Pins

Sometimes called a custom hat pins by the industry, these little metal trinkets are diminutive in size, yes, but they pack a punch of the passion of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of devout followers. The passion is about living and breathing the music that their idols bring them by showcasing that zeal with enamel pins affixed to their clothing, hats and backpacks. Without fear of reprisal for nonbelievers or from opposing fandoms, the people who carry these tokens become a self perpetuating army that grows their numbers and encourages them to be brazen with their love.

Importance Of Hat Pins

The artists and fans alike have become to understand the power these hat pins have. From the business perspective, they can be lucrative merchandising opportunities to fund fledging band operations or pad the pockets of the powerhouses in music. You can find them for sale at a concert venue, stands and kiosks erected with dozens of options to choose from. Representations of the artist themselves, their album covers or their catchphrases are fast movers and directly fund the musician themselves. I’ve personally seen rabid fans lining up for hours just to have a chance at purchasing the highly sought after, low-run pins at my local EDC. But its not just the corporate big-wigs that have taken advantage of this trend, everyday people have jumped on the train and started their own lines of custom pins.

Hat Pins Online

With the emergence of online marketplaces, entrepreneurs have designed their own hat pins for their idols and sell them on the internet. You might think this is some side-gig operation but in reality it’s much more grand than that. Places like Etsy and Amazon show that some of these sellers have made thousands of transactions over the past few years meaning that this endeavor could completely sustain a person hawking pins.

Final Words

Regardless of the economic potential of hat pins, the popularity of them are rooted in the idea that music has a unquestionable effect on everyone it touches. What these fans want to do is share with the world their passions because they know the positive effects their favorite musicians bestowed upon them can benefit so many more people.

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