Over 100 Kapamilya Stars Launch Their Shows on Kumu

Kapamilya stars unleashed their talent and skills at the star-studded “Big 4 Hours” digital event on Friday (March 19) to give Kumunizens a sneak peek of the content they have in store for them in their respective Kumu shows.

From singing, dancing, and fun talks, Kapamilya artists from “PBB Connect,” BGYO, BINI, MNL48, Star Magic, Star Hunt, Polaris (“It’s Showtime” talents), and RISE Artists Studio, showed the Kumunity for more than four hours what they should watch out for as they begin their regular livestreams on the app.

The digital event was a historic occasion as it marked ABS-CBN and Kumu’s partnership to bring in over 100 Kapamilya stars on the livestreaming platform so fans can stay connected with their idols even in the middle of a pandemic – a point that Direk Laurenti Dyogi, ABS-CBN head of TV production and head of Star Magic, stressed during the event.

“Thank you for allowing our artists to have a platform, especially a time when a lot of their fans are isolated. There’s no on-ground opportunities for our artists to interact with their fans, but with Kumu, they’ll be able to maintain a relationship and have a meaningful engagement with their fans,” he remarked.

He also added that the chance would give Kapamilya stars the time to thrive in the digital space as they “hone their crafts and skills.”

Meanwhile, Kumu president and co-founder Rexy Dorado praised and thanked ABS-CBN for its commitment to grow the Kumunity since it was launched.

“I just wanted to commend ABS-CBN and the whole Kapamilya for taking such a commitment for the growth of this from the very beginning. It was a year and a half ago when we started working together. We were a much, much smaller platform then, and I think the kind of stuff that we’ve done together, the kind of things that ABS-CBN is doing on Kumu are things that haven’t been done before,” he said.

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