Tips for Making a Virtual Birthday Party Special

Although the coronavirus pandemic is slowly improving, it’s still not safe for people to gather in groups and celebrate events like they used to. Special events may become a source of sadness for many as they yearn to get together with family and friends like they used to. Virtual celebrations are certainly different from typical birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean they have to be any less fun or special.

With these tips, you can throw an amazing virtual birthday party for your friend or family member. These are hard times for everyone, but the tips here aren’t just for use during COVID. For anyone who lives far apart or can’t gather for a birthday celebration, these suggestions will help you host a party that’s still meaningful.

Hire an Entertainer

There are plenty of options to enjoy a birthday socially distanced. Local zoos are hosting Zoom meetings with the animals, and musicians and magicians are also hosting their shows virtually. Book something your loved one would like and gather your loved ones to watch through a video conference. Use GigMasters to find local talents that offer virtual services; you can search everything from poets to tarot readers, all of whom create a truly memorable experience for your party from a distance.

Schedule Some Surprises

You might not be together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat someone to a meal or fill their day with some sweet surprises. Everyone loves flowers for their birthday, and they’re easy to deliver. If you’re thinking about sending flowers to say happy birthday, there’s a free guide on the top 10 flowers for birthdays. It covers everything from what each flower means to why it’s popular and how to arrange it. You can also use an app like Ubereats or Postmates to have food delivered to their door; treat them to lunch or even a whole cake.

Use Social Media

The VidHug app was designed with virtual celebrations in mind. Gather your loved one’s friends and family to record video messages and combine them into one heartfelt montage. You can collect the videos that are recorded by different people at various times and easily assemble them for a gift; text message and email invitations allow you to collaborate with others and pull off the surprise with ease. You can also organize a series of celebratory posts for social media. Create a hashtag that everyone can use to post at the same time and offer a collection of special wishes and appreciation.

Play a Game Together

You might not be in the same space or even the same time zone, but you can still have fun together. There are plenty of Zoom party games for adults to play. Codenames is online-compatible and allows you and your friends to assume the role of secret agents and figure out who’s who based solely on their codename. The game moves fast, so it’s great for a fast-paced video call that naturally breaks off into conversation. Some other ideas for distance party games include 20 Questions, Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, Pictionary and Mafia.

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