5 Ways To Style A Hoodie 

Probably every single guy has at least one hoodie in his closet. And for a good reason! 

Hoodies are comfortable, cozy, and extremely versatile. You can wear them to work, around the house or for an active weekend in nature. 

Available in endless styles, fabrics and colors, hoodies are a definite must-have. And with the right styling, you can come up with great looks for almost any occasion! 

Here are five great ways to style a hoodie. 

Short history

Sweatshirts first saw the light of day in the 30s and were created for athletes and workers to protect them from harsh elements. 

Soon after, students and other young people across the US adopted this practical and comfortable apparel.

In the 70s and 80s, a hoodie became almost an unofficial uniform for the hip-hop culture, street artists and other free spirits. 

And today, hoodies are beloved by everyone despite their beliefs, culture or social status. 

Hoodie and a denim jacket

A classic combo that has no faults, a hoodie and a denim jacket is an everyday go-to combination. 

To avoid looking monotonous, your best bet is to choose two contrasting colors. For the bottoms, pick classic denim trousers, cargo pants (yes, they’re back!), shorts or even chinos. 

And for a trusted combination, Netluxury suggests trying a white hoodie, a light blue denim jacket, and cream colored pants as a great look because everything is in the same color family, meaning it all pulls together cohesively.

With a blazer

Everyone wants to be comfortable at all times; work is no exception! We spend a third of our lives working so if you have an opportunity to wear something cosy in the office – go for it. 

Pair a monochrome, a little thinner hoodie with nice blazer, chinos or other plain slacks, and you have the ultimate smart-casual look. 

And if it tends to get warm where you work, be prepared with a nice, high-quality t-shirt underneath. Look no further than the Fresh Clean Tees for the best options on men’s crew neck t-shirts

With a bomber jacket 

According to Men’s Health, modern men’s fashion has revived the bomber jacket, and it’s the perfect companion to the equally iconic hoodie. 

Since bomber jackets are usually quite roomy, this is the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite thick hoodie. Chilly evenings have never been so stylish and comfortable!

With a coat

Another smart casual look for a chilly day in the city is a hoodie and a coat. 

Yes, you heard right, coats are not only for stuffy formal outfits! A hoodie gives it a nice, relaxed look that you’ll fall in love with for the weekends. Add chinos or denim trousers and style with white leather sneakers for a complete look.

We recommend avoiding graphic hoodies here, though and suggest opting for sleek black, white or burgundy colors.

With sweats 

Sweats are no longer only for the gym or home, especially if you go with a designer option. 

Pair your soft, oversized hoodie (or a cashmere one if you want to show off) with fitted joggers, a baseball cap and the latest edition sneakers. The world is your oyster! 

This style is also great for lazy weekends or a quick run to your local pub or coffee shop.

With a leather jacket 

It’s the ultimate bad-boy style for those who don’t have the time or desire to try too hard. 

Great for unstable spring weather, the pair of a hoodie and a leather jacket is the ultimate layering opportunity. 

You can go for a put-together version with simple dark denim trousers or wear sweats for an ultimate gen Z vibe. 

Make sure your jacket is roomy enough and avoid suede – you want a classic sleek leather one.

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