Annette Drops Debut Single ‘Cake 4 Breakfast’

Emerging artist Annette enters the music scene with her debut single under Tarsier Records “cake 4 breakfast,” a slow R&B jam that promises a luscious listening experience for everyone.

A collaboration with music producer Devin Lopez a.k.a. Subzylla, “cake 4 breakfast” is an intimate track about a relationship indulged in love of all forms, be it good or bad, perfect for date nights at home or ‘self-care Sundays’.

“’Cake’ represents indulgence in such an intense and honest way. The character I created in the song expresses no guilt or apology for wanting to spend time with the other person, no strings or expectations attached,” Annette explained.

The singer-songwriter and now a Tarsier Records artist is a Cebu native who is currently based in Germany with a career in Growth Consultancy. The disruption brought about by the events of 2020 has fueled her to take a leap of faith and venture into making music.

With “cake 4 breakfast” and other future music releases, she is poised to innovate and globalize OPM with her jazz-influenced, pop-soul, and R&B tracks.

Meanwhile, her collaborator Subzylla, a Tarsier Records staple producer whose intense guitar riffs can be savored throughout the song, has previously released electronic tracks such as “The Mountain,” “Nostalgia,” and a remix of Moophs’ “O.M.W.” featuring Inigo Pascual in 2018. More recently, he has released a reimagined version of one of Kiana V’s biggest tracks, “Corners.”

Indulge in a rich and guilt-free love by listening to Annette and Subzylla’s “cake 4 breakfast,” out now on all digital music streaming platforms. For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.

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