Gloc 9 Drops ‘Macho Rap’ Music Video

In our current reality, music videos serve as welcome — if not essential — partners for many fans that miss the excitement of live performances. Admit it, casting them on a TV screen in order to sing and dance our hearts out to our favorite tunes within the comforts of our own homes made things slightly more tolerable.

OPM legend Gloc-9 wears the iconic salakot for Mang Tomas’ sizzling new music video.

As such, the drop of OPM rap icon Gloc-9’s “Macho Rap” music video was a much welcome zing to wrap up one of the most surreal years ever. The very first jingle of the iconic brand Mang Tomas All Around Sarsa offered a delicious respite from 2020 and a joyous salubong to the shimmering promises of 2021.

As part of Mang Tomas’ new music video, hip-hop icon Gloc-9 smiles in front of the wide variety of food that pairs perfectly with Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa.

Gloc-9 and Lira’s bouncy, LSS inducing jam is further escalated by iconic father and son tandem of Benjie and Andre Paras with their impeccable comedic timing.

“Shooting this video was such a joy, syempre lalo na dahil may handa para sa amin,” said Benjie, “In the Paras household, we love how Mang Tomas instantly makes any ulam something special. It doesn’t matter if it’s liempo, lechon manok, or even pinritong isda o kaya itlog, Mang Tomas makes every ulam a macho ganado feast.”

Mang Tomas endorsers and food enthusiasts Benjie and Andre Paras fight over the last piece of chicken in Mang Tomas’

Their unabashed appreciation for all the dishes lathered with Mang Tomas goodness made working on the music video more enjoyable.

“While doing the MV taping, we really got to taste for ourselves what makes Mang Tomas an all-around sarsa,” reveals Benjie, “Nagustuhan ko yung chicken, si Andre naman yung liempo. Kahit even before kapag nagshoshoot kami dati for Mang Tomas,” said Benjie. “Kasi di ba bagong luto tapos ang crunchy, tapos isasawsaw mo pa sya sa Mang Tomas.”

(L-R) Benjie Paras, Andre Paras, Lirah, and Gloc-9 all come together to bring the heat on Mang Tomas’ latest video Macho Rap

When asked if dubbing along to Gloc-9’s rapid-fire flow was a challenge, the father-son tandem asserts that it surprisingly wasn’t.

“Nung una, akala ko mahihirapan akong sabayan ang rap ni Gloc-9,” said Benjie. “Pero kayang-kaya naman pala!”

Amplifying things further is the guest appearance of Kat Galang, popular comedic and indie film actress. Her penchant for theatrics adds a perfect punch to the already bouncy, happy vibe of the video. Admittedly, it was a bit nerve-wracking for Kat to lip sync in front of Gloc-9 himself.

“At first, I was a bit tense because it’s a lot of pressure to do the rap song when you know that the original composer and the rapper of the song are both on the set,” said Kat.” But, the directors were very helpful and patient, so that made it a lot easier for me.”

Kat is quick to admit that she really outdid herself when it came to sampling all the Mang Tomas dishes available during the shoot.

“Mang Tomas has been my favorite sauce in meals since I was a kid so collaborating with this brand is such a blessing,” reveals Kat, “I could never say no to the free lumpiang shanghai and Mang Tomas combo that was on set! This is definitely one of the best prods I’ve ever worked with!”

Kat Galang takes a bite of her favorite lumpiang shanghai in Mang Tomas’ latest MV Macho Rap.

To complement the music video, Mang Tomas and NutriAsia also launched the #MachoRapChallenge, where users are spurred to post their own lip-sync dubs of Gloc-9’s Macho Rap on TikTok—just like the Paras duo. As of this writing, TikToks with the #MachoRapChallenge have reached over 1.7 million total views.

But for those willing to go the extra mile, Mang Tomas is mounting the #MangTomasPinakaMachoRap cover contest. All interested Mang Tomas enthusiasts have to do is upload their cover of Macho Rap on Facebook or YouTube with the hashtag #MangTomasPinakaMachoRap for a chance to win a meet-and-greet with Gloc-9 himself. The deadline for contest submissions is on January 31, 2021, and the winners will be announced on February 15, 2021.

Macho Rap is available for streaming on all digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Youtube Music in 240 countries worldwide. Follow Mang Tomas on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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