Best Movie Promotional Strategies in 2021

Movies or films are one of the most entertaining things for us. Films always have a greater impact on our minds than any other form of art. So, the film is something that is always in the trend since its beginning.

With the changing time, the framework of the entire movie industry has been changed. The type of content, relevancy, approach, technology, and many other things as well. People now don’t solely focus only on the hero /heroine. They focus on the movie as a whole.

Films are being made in that order also. They are focusing more on the content now that would get the attention of the audiences. Rather than making a monotonous movie that only highlights the lead hero/heroine, more in-depth characters are being introduced. 

And with all of that, the film industry has witnessed a huge technological advancement as well. With the modern VFX,3-D, animation, and other forms of tools, directors can reach up to any level of art to portray their actual imaginations. In modern days the film industry is a billion-dollar industry. 

Production houses are spending uncountable amounts of money just to create a movie that would make the audiences happy and earn them a huge profit. They are taking care of every aspect that would give them the edge over others in the market.

One of the biggest factors behind the success of any film at the box office is the marketing strategy behind it. And as with time marketing scenario has changed a lot, the film industry also has to cope-up with that. Modern approaches are being made to reach more targeted audiences and turn them into leads for the theatres.

With the modernization of marketing trends and advancements of technology, digital platforms have taken a vital role in the film promotional strategy. Digital promotions are the best choice of film production houses due to various reasons like cost-efficiency, more reach, trackable results, quick response, and many others. 

Though the traditional strategies are well needed to be included in the marketing funda, digital promotions should also be taken care of efficiently. These two together will make the most impact on the film to stand tall at the box office.

Here we are going to talk about some of the major marketing strategies that will serve well for film promotion in 2021.

Film Promotional Strategies in 2021 

1. YouTube 

With almost 2+ billion active users, YouTube is definitely one of the biggest social platforms today. YouTube carries videos of all genres. Be it a tutorial, entertainment, promotional, and whatnot. 

When production houses are looking for opportunities that will make a bang at the box office, YouTube is undoubtedly a huge platform for promotional purposes. Film teasers and trailers play a very vital part in movie publicity. A compact and astonishing trailer can bring you huge views within hours and your movie can get viral overnight. 

2. Social Platforms 

In today’s scenario our life without social media is almost impossible. Social media is not only an entertainment platform anymore. It is far more than that. People use it for several purposes.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, these social platforms are very reliable ways to reach your desired audiences. This helps in film promotions as well. Celebrities share images related to the movies even before releasing them, sometimes even from the movie set, these things work really well in grabbing audience attention.

Running attractive ad campaigns through social media further secures the success of the movie. Production houses can target desired audiences based on gender, age, interests, place, and many more. 

Promoting films on social media doesn’t even require you to be an expert, celebrities with millions of followers can fully take advantage of it. Their posts can grab attention of millions which promotes their film very positively.

3. Publicity Stunt 

People are always interested about gossips. And when it is about entertainment or celebrities, they are even more excited. This advantage has been taken by the film productions since a long time and it really works.

Publicity stunts are a very effective marketing trick that has be included in film promotional strategies. Many film productions opt for this trick during their promotional campaign. 

For an example – Game of Thrones performed a great stunt during their promotion in UK. They erected a huge dragon head skull appearing to be come up ground at a sea beach.  

4. Influencer Marketing 

In the recent times there is an increasing interest in influencer marketing for film promotion. Celebrities go popular talk shows to promote their films. They talk to the people, talk about their film and create a strong bond with the audiences.

International stars also sometimes promote other films with a promotional intent. It simply refers that how together the world has become with the technological betterment.


Film industry is now a giant industry. With so much money invested in it, and such a huge market to strike, it definitely needs sharp marketing strategies that should never fail. Both traditional and digital marketing combinedly can create a big impact in film promotions. 

Above-mentioned are just some of those points that are very effective and simple to use. Marketing experts are sitting on the chairs and working hard with the production houses to give the film desired exposure.


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