MNL48’s ‘River’ Music Video Trends on YouTube

The official music video for “River,” MNL48‘s 6th single, has been released on November 27 and it’s now trending on YouTube Philippines!

In less than a day, the MV already garnered 148,327 views as of this posting and it’s now trending at no. 18.

“The concept behind the music video is that we should be in fighting mode when dealing with challenges. It also shows that celebrating small victories isn’t a bad thing and that we should always be ready for the next obstacle in life,” said Mike Felino, the director for “River” MV.

The group’s latest single is led by double centers MNL48 Abby and MNL48 Gabb. They are joined by MNL48 Brei, Coleen, Jan, Sela, Ella, Alice, Jamie, Laney, Sheki, Belle and first time Senbatsu members, Amy, Frances, Gia, and Jaydee.

Watch it below:

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