Fun Reno, NV Attractions That Don’t Involve Gambling

It may be famous for being a gambling city thanks to its numerous casinos, but Reno offers you more than trying your luck at the gaming tables. There are various NV attractions that do not involve gambling that you can enjoy when you visit Reno. Here are some of the ones you will find exciting.

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

1)            The Rancho San Rafael Park

The park was formerly a ranch in the 1890s, set up by the Pincolini brothers but later sold and transformed into a park. It has a fascinating history that you will learn about on your tour there. If you are a nature lover, Rancho San Rafael Park is the place to be.

It is the largest park in Washoe County, and you will enjoy seeing mountains, huge lakes, deserts, miles of trails, xeriscape, and wetlands. Visiting the park is on the Reno to do list from Busy Tourist as it offers you various activities to do. You can go fishing, play volleyball, golfing, and explore the park for more fun-filled activities.

The Great Reno Balloon Race held at the park is among special events held throughout the year. Picnicking can be fun at the park thanks to its picnic areas such as the Chinese Pagoda Pavilion, Lions Highland Pavilion, and Peavine Pavilion.

2)            Mount Rose Ski Resort

You will find the Mount Rose Ski resort at the Toiyabe National Forest. It is a 25 minutes’ drive away from Reno, but it is a must-visit site. It is one of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts and a favorite for many who love skiing because of its high base elevation, making its snow be of better quality than other ski resorts in Tahoe.

Mount Rose has several trails that can make an excellent getaway for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert abilities. Its terrain has a good balance making it worth a ride.

3)            National Automobile Museum

As a car lover, there is a lot to write home about when you visit the National Automobile Museum. In 1989, the museum opened, and it has since been displaying William F. Harrah’s collection of vehicles. You will find over 200 displays of racecars, vintage, horseless carriages, and classic automobiles.

A journey down memory lane will take you through time and discover a rich history from the 20th century. Each year the museum showcases special exhibits, car galleries, and memorabilia, offering you various souvenirs to take back home as gifts or for your memories. You can learn about history through storyboards, theater presentations, or opt for a guided tour.

4)            Aces Ballpark

There will be no greater feeling than watching a live local baseball game at the Aces Ballpark in Reno. The grassy berm is an excellent ground to relax as you watch the game or participate in activities that engage the audiences at the park. If taking the family along, it does not matter if they do not play the game since there are other activities at the park.

There are jungle gyms and bouncy castles perfect for kids. There are beer gardens, picnic tables, restaurants, and luxury suites to fit any visitor’s needs. The experience is worth it and makes it one of the perfect getaways for a vacation.

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